Rhian Brewster: good enough or do we need to spend our millions?

Jurgen Klopp seems to really like Rhian Brewster and it would appear he is slowly transitioning him toward first team action. Is this young lad really good enough to make that step though or are we guilty of allowing our judgement to be swayed by the old rose tinted glasses.

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We are perhaps a little light on the forwards front. We have Origi and, nope that's it, just Origi. Firmino may be labelled a striker and play that role for us, very effectively too I might add but he isn't really a proper striker. Not in the traditional sense and at times we do need such a player as evidenced by Origi's increasing pitch time.

It seems doubtful that Jurgen will ever have us start the majority of our games with a traditional type number nine so two young improving players may be all we need in that department. In theory Brewster could be the perfect back up to a player in Origi who is already a back up option himself.

I've seen very little of Brewster and am hoping those who have tracked his progress more closely will give their views. I will lay out a few facts beforehand and also a clip we can take a look at to help us consider if he's good enough, or if we need to be splashing the cash this summer on a new striker.

At just 19, Brewster is very young but that hasn't stopped Trent Alexander-Arnold and so I guess if Brewster is physically strong enough for the EPL then there is no reason why his age should be a barrier to first team action. Although with the best will in the world you cannot say he is anything other than totally inexperienced at such a high level. Mind you he has maybe a wider amount of experience than most of his age. Here is Rhian pictured with his 2017 U-17 World Cup golden boot award.

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Some info then: Rhian's main position is centre forward but he can also play as a second striker. He's 1.77M tall and this season scored just one goal and provided one assist in Premier League 2. That is not so bad viewed alongside the fact he only played two games (147 minutes) at the end of the season due to an ankle injury and surgery preventing him playing the rest of the season. His stats for the proceeding one are better at 6 goals and 7 assists in all competitions but again he missed a decent chunk of fixtures toward the end of that season with the aforementioned injury.

I am not sure really how much use the stats are in this case. Such a young age and with a significant injury interwoven into the mix. Plus the fact in Premier League 2, we're talking about a vastly different proposition to the EPL, probably makes the stats a poor predictor for potential first team performance. Said Peter as he picked his peck of pickled peppers. Best then to have a look at Rhian playing and see if he looks up to the task.

This is an older clip but I find ScoutNation good and they provide some helpful player detail at the beginning. Plus with his ankle injury keeping him out for most of last season there isn't really anything much to look at more recently.

Well I must say I am pleasantly surprised. Of course these show reels can flatter to deceive and you have to take the level of competition into account but Brewster seems to be a tidy little player. Actually he's also pretty stocky for someone of his age and any fears regards his stature being ready for the EPL are allayed. Skill wise, what is not to like - dribbles well, crosses well, shoots well, takes free kicks well. I could even see Jurgen utilising him on the wing. As outlined at the start of the clip, heading doesn't seem to be a strong point but he could work on that.

Overall we might have ourselves a very good player here and I would definitely like to see him get some first team action to prove his worth. Bringing through youth players is what we all ask for. Perhaps we're about to get our wishes granted.

All of that said, we have previously seen young players who looked full of promise but failed to fulfil such. Jordan Ibe being just one example and so the question we need to ask ourselves is are we in a position to roll the dice or should we be putting our hands in our pockets for a more proven striker.
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