Remembering our friend x

Morning all, I know Bev is always in our thoughts but wanted to make a little thread to mark today which would have been her birthday.

Not expecting people to post anything more than normal footie chat and hopefully have a bit of a giggle which is what she would want.

We can and should though also think about the illness which our friend suffered and maybe if we then donate that little bit more toward helping cure such or caring for others who have it then that is something good.

Unusually for me, I'm at a bit of a loss for words so will not write too much more accept to say each and every day you are hugely missed by us all Bev and we hope you are doing okay up above. I am certain you will be whizzing about at one million miles per hour looking out for others as you always did and I think there will be lots of new forests which you've planted now and many laughs which you have shared with loved ones x

Never does our love and care for you diminish.

God bless our beautiful sweet Lady x
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