Liverpool vs Barcelona

The big must win matches just continue apace with the return "grudge" match against Barcelona on our own patch. We all know that overturning a three goal deficit at the halfway point against top class opposition almost never happens in the CL but both teams have form. One as (bad)  losers the other as famous winners. I have managed to obtain the following exclusive photo of  Messi and Suarez in the bath after the game against Roma. Messi is the one on the left, as if you didn't know, and Suarez on the right is hastily and rather guiltily trying to cover up the bite marks on his back.

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Firmino is out of the game but I have an update on salah's condition.  There was some initial concern when Lovren revealed Salah had said he didn't know him anymore.  But he went on to say that Salah had also sent him texts saying "it's me not you" and "you deserve better".  They have since said that it is a personal matter and asked the press to respect their privacy. Salah and Lovren pictured below in happier times.

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Salah's head is still a little swollen and he is claiming to be the king of Egypt so things seem to be back to normal but we have late breaking news that, unfortunately, he will still not be fit to play which is really disappointing. Shaq it is then...…

I make no apologies for stealing the following post from one of our better looking and more astute followers. The data protection act prevents me from naming names so I have provided a photo of someone who looks strikingly similar, in a certain light;

  • "Barcelona are there for the taking on Tuesday. Apparently they were so exhausted they all had to be rested for yesterday's game. I am not sure they can recover sufficiently in time for Tuesday. I fear for them. It could get embarrassing...…."

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This is a very real concern and I understand medical teams are on standby with oxygen masks.  Seriously, though I disagreed with Ilija on a previous thread when he called for us to use crosses a lot more (no not to see off Suarez). I pictured the long, lofted, aimless balls from years gone by. But it seems Ilija is right (well there has to be a first time for everything doesn't there?) We have scored more goals from set pieces than any other PL team. In the Newcastle match for example two of our goals came from corners and one from a whipped in cross and I don't think Barcelona will be used to facing such tactics. That is why I think we should perhaps start with Origi in place of Firmino and  Shaq in place of Salah  to back up Robbo and TAA in the crossing department.

Team: Alisson, TAA, Matip, VVD, Robbo, Fab, Gini, Hendo, Mane, Origi and Shaq

PL Bonus Questions:

1. Liverpool result (win, loss or draw) 1pt
2. Final score (must have #1 correct) 1pt
3. LFC first goal scorer 1pt
4. LFC player with the highest passing accuracy 1pt
5. Echo’s MOTM based on player ratings 1pt
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