Liverpool player of the month - May

Howdy partners, hope you're all well. Although it's only the middle of the month, I feel now is as good a time as any for us to vote on May's 57th Brexit attempt POTM. Our next game of course being the Champion's League final. Why aren't City in that by the way? they seem to be calling themselves champions, anyway I digress - the point is that game is on the 1st of June and afterwards, I thought we could have our first ever Liver Bird Nest Player Of The Season award.

For now though it's just a regular POTM and so without further ado lets consider the candidates. Could it be last month's winner again? With 32% of the vote that was our capitano extraordinaire, Jordan B Henderson. Or could it be April's second place entrant, Naby Keita?

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To be honest I have absolutely no idea who should it win it this month but this is my pick and it may surprise you because even as I type, it's surprising me... D i v o ck O r i g i. Crikey I really did write it too. Well actually it's not so far fetched as no matter where one rates Origi on an individual level you just cannot write off his match winning contributions this season.

Always worth re-living that magical moment. I especially like how Divock is off with the ball to restart the game as quickly as possible. There is something quite endearing about him and there's no doubt that everyone wants it to work out for him at Liverpool. Has he got the necessary amount of skill for that to happen though. Well we might have half written off his Everton goal as a bit of a fluke, although I suspect he and Virgil had worked on it in training but no matter because as the season's progressed, Origi has furthered the case for his Liverpool career.

Overall he finished the season (thus far) with 20 appearances, 6 goals and 1 assist. That's not the whole story though because most of those appearances were off the bench and averaged out, they equate to him playing just 32 minutes per game. Again averaging things out that puts him at a goal every 106 minutes. For comparison Salah has netted us a goal every 164 minutes.

So despite the small amount of playing time, when called upon Origi has delivered a better strike rate than Mohamed Salah. Can we reasonably ask for much more of such a little used player? I don't think we can.

Apart from all the stats and how Divock won us a game versus our arch rivals Everton, how did he fare this month in one of the best ever European come backs in history you may ask? Ah no big deal, he just scored a couple of goals in that one, including a sumptuous finish from T2A's quick minded corner that Barca 'never saw coming' and which really nailed the lid shut on any game rescuing hopes they may still have harboured. Okay how about our tricky must win game against Newcastle at the start of May... yep in a game where most of our players were off the pace, you guessed it - off goes Mo, on comes O and bish, bash, bosh, BOOM, he's scored another vitally important match winner for us.

Divock has more than earned his money this season and for me there is now absolutely no doubt he must stay in a Red shirt for the foreseeable. I look forward to seeing him pick up a Champions League winner's medal and can't wait to see how he progresses next season. Ladies and gentleman, although a certain Mr Becker deserves an honourable mention, I put it to you the choice for May's POTM award is clear; it's a Belgium named Origi.

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I rest my case.

LBN POTM awards to date: Van-Dijk x 3, Mane x 2, Shaqiri x 1, Henderson x 1.

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