Liverpool must sign the following players

Unbelievable isn't it, the transfer window has now officially been open for literally one days and as Stu pointed out we've utterly failed to sign a single new player. Clearly it will now be a mad rush to pick the bones of the transfer market leftovers but on the off chance we do manage to sign a new player in the next eighty two days, the question is this: who should they be?


Is it possible that as a community we can reach one shared consensus on exactly how many new players we need, where those new players are needed to play and who they should be. Of course it isn't but I thought it would be fun to try and so I'll go first and then everyone can disagree with me.

Starting from the back:

Goal keeper: Move along, nothing to see here. Alisson is amazing, one of the best in the world and in Mignolet, who will be staying, Alisson has THE best in the world as a mentor.

Defence: Moreno is on his way, I think we'd all agree. Lovren could leave, great guy, team player, tries his best, fishes up too often. No real future for him with LFC. One of either Gomez or Matip could leave due to frequent injuries but also they could both stay. Bottom line someone needs to leave and we need to sign De Light and then the defence is nearly sorted but with just one more addition: Sessegnon to cover for Robertoson and also fill in further up the pitch on the wing as and when required. That's a no brainer, he is young and English and so even if he flops with us we can sell him to City or Utd for £480million.

Midfield (central): Milnero can leave, great player. Brilliant player, great guy. Been one of our very best signings in recent times and a lot of love for him but although unclear it seems his contract is nearly up and come on, he's about to collect his bus pass. Someone up and coming could take his place or someone who has already upped and commed and can creatively hit Hollywoods could take his place, and that is what we need. Lallana can join Milly on the departing bus as well. Again a jolly decent fellow but he's never really hit the heights we hoped he would and in all honesty he probably never will so that makes him deadwood that needs cutting adrift.

Also, in midfield we have a surplus of huff and puffers - that isn't to denigrate that type of player because it's been the foundation of our resurgence but for my money even without Millner and Lallana we now have plenty of solid midfield engines but a derth of creativity. So they go and we bring in Isco or a player of that ilk and/or Neves who is probably a more realistic option. Admittedly I'm at a bit of a loss for other suggestions but dog damn it, that's not my job! Liverpool have some men though who can scour world football for other candidates. Also you 'orrible lot can list your midfield creativity choices.

Midfield (attacking): By and large we are sorted in this area of the pitch. We could sell Peter Squirrel as it's clear he and Jurgen don't see eye to eye but I would find that disappointing and we could also sell Chamberlain Ox because he seems to be injured rather a lot but likewise that would be a shame. Next season we are winning the title though so if we need to get a little cut throat in that pursuit by selling either of the aforementioned then so be it. We could perhaps bring in one new attacking player but I think if we sign the right person detailed above, where I've gone for Isco/Neves, they will be able to bring the additional creativity we need in both central and attacking midfield, and with our other existing options that will be plenty.

Forwards: You can never have too many forwards but I think we probably have enough. Origi looks set to find himself more and more involved and in Firmino we have someone who is pretty much irreplaceable. Sure he sometimes lacks a bit in raw finishing ability but his overall impact on team performance is unquestionable as well as invaluable, and integral to how we play. Also Mane can play through the middle and be very effective and so can Mo, so my gut feeling is we're okay here and I don't see us signing any more forwards. We do however have one who can leave and sad as it is that is of course a certain Mr D Sturridge. Huge shame that he's been plagued by so many injuries but them is the facts and as far as his LFC career goes, I'm afraid that's about all she wrote.

Overall then,

Out: Moreno, Lovren, Milner, Lallana, Sturridge

IN: De Ligt, Sessegnon, Isco, Neves

I do expect that my 'in' players will very likely not be the ones who we actually end up signing but think I'm in the right ball park at least in terms of the types of players and positions. What do you guys think though and do you agree with the 'outs'?

Please post your thoughts and then once we've reached a majority verdict, I will know which of the many upcoming transfer rumours is best to titillate you all with ;-)

*Bonus points for the first person to correctly identify the obscured player in the picture.
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