Klopp magnanimous and says 'we'll go again'

Afternoon all, hope everyone is well. My head has just about cleared and imagine it's similar for most. Whether you sank a few tasty end of season beverages or not, I think we all will be feeling a mixture of emotion today. Of course it's hugely disappointing to miss out on the title in a season we've played so well. It feels kind of deflating. As Kloppo says though this season was 'just our first step'

I was so pleased to see our lads keep their heads high and get the win yesterday. We battled hard right to the very end. Proud to a man and women is what we all should be and I believe are. With that in mind I'm including not just Jurgen's post match press conference but also a few other clips to watch with a smile and then, not discounting our mouth watering Champions League final with Spurs, we will as Jurgen very rightly says 'go again'

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