Klopp: If we will be champions or not is down to destiny...

Morning all, sorry just a brief one today to provide us some fresh space for a while before we have the pleasure of another of Jock's excellent ratings threads. I am in the process of catching up on yesterday's match and taking a quite unique route - watching Jurgen's post match presser while reading all your comments made during the game in reverse order.

The takeaway seems to be that we gave them a jolly good hiding but Newcastle by no means rolled over as we may have hoped Rafa would had have them do. In reality we knew that wasn't going to happen but sounds like they went the total opposite way and not only tried to soundly beat us but also kill half of our team in the process. Naturally the ref was wise to that and nipped it in the bud, sorry I mean totally failed to protect our players :-\

It's becoming a tad tiresome to see refs repeatedly fail us in that regard although probably best not to mention it too loudly lest we find ourselves labelled with the 'victim' moniker. Seriously though, to me at least we don't seem to get the level of refereeing that our own clean, fair play, should merit.

The really bad news is that in the below press conference Jurgen confirms Firmino is out of action for at least our next game versus Barcelona and possibly also our last EPL match of the season against Wolves. It sounds like Salah should be okay though which is great news.

Jurgen is rightly proud of our lads for not only yesterday's performance but the way we have played this entire season and despite my hissy fit yesterday, I share that same view. When all is said and done, this season we've been brilliant and to borrow a Brendanism, have showed a lot of character. Good things await us, there can be no doubt about that and fingers crossed, if Brendan can make not only Logan but all of us horny tomorrow, then what a mouth watering end to the season it will be.

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