Klopp: 'completely happy with how we played'

Morning all, not the best feeling to wake up and remember the night before. According to Jurgen he's completely happy with how we played. Well I'm not. We got stuffed three nil. Nothing to be happy about whatsoever. No prizes in this game for taking part and it's going to start getting more than a little boring if we keep narrowly missing out on silverware, season after season after season. Klopp's job is to deliver trophies, not to be happy with how we played in a match we lose three nil.

So, did Jurgen say anything in his post match presser which makes sense? Yes, to be fair he does actually say at the outset that our opponents took their chances and we didn't. He then highlights that a loss would maybe not have been so bad if we'd have scored an away goal... oh dear.

Then some more about how 'happy he is with the boys' and then 'how proud he is with the boys' again, Jeez maybe I've woken up on the wrong side of my sleeping bag but get a bloomin grip. No wonder our players are so lackadaisical in front of goal if losing three nil makes their manager happy and proud with them. What's happened to the Jurgen Klopp who slaps his players around the chops, that's what we need when we get stuffed - more slapping, less hugging.

Oh bleeding heck, another thirty seconds in and he's still fawning over our under performing rabble. Ah good, at least he's followed that up by saying we tried everything in a "legal" way to stop Messi and Co, hopefully that is an indirect dig at Barca's dirty, cheating antics.

Now we're getting somewhere: "Mr Valverde did everything right and I did everything wrong"  Okay we can agree on that and it's somewhat countered all the sycophantic praise and misplaced happiness.

Next when asked specifically what he/we did wrong, Jurgen didn't really answer but what he did allude too was that he saw a lot last night that he can work with to make us better for the second leg and that is encouraging to hear. However he didn't sugar coat things when asked directly 'do we have a chance in the second leg' and lastly yes I agree Jurgen, now is not the time to be 'really mouthy pretending everything is rosey and all that sh!t!'

As Kloppo says in closing, now is the time to be disappointed and frustrated. I am afraid I cannot agree though that last night's game was "good for our development" Winning things is what's going to help our development now so let's hope The Foxes help us out in that respect and that we pull off some kind of Gerrard-esque come back vs Barca next Tuesday.

Anyways all, have a listen to Jurgen's thoughts and see if you agree with them and then when you've done that I've included some angry Scotsmen's views to balance things up.

Edit: Having now watched the second clip, I am disappointed with Stevie Nicol's view. He usually talks a lot of sense but you simply cannot say 'Liverpool played great' and then 'it was just that they didn't take their chances'

Sorry but those are two totally opposing statements. Taking your chances is part of playing well. We didn't take our chances hitherto - we were rubbish. Barca scored three times, again that equates to us being rubbish. We lost three nil, we weren't good enough, simple as that.
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