Fantasy and Prediction League tables - Game week 36

Happy holidays all. Here are the latest fantasy and prediction league tables up to and including game week 36. I have an apology to make as I've not been able to organise any prizes and I did say I would do. The thing is it got to a later and later stage of the season and I decided in the end that to go grovelling for sponsorship would likely not yield very good results. Difficult to ask a company to provide free prizes when you're only able to offer a few weeks worth of exposure (no Jay) for them in return.

So sorry about that, I should have got on with it earlier in the season but one thing and another site wise was demanding more urgent attention and so that's that I'm afraid. Before next season starts, I will approach some of Liverpool's sponsors to see if they'll donate some LFC-related prizes in return for their logo being attached to the tables. If we get really lucky and end up with a surplus of prizes then perhaps some of them could still go to this season's winners and so without further ado, let's have a look at who they're likely to be.


Top bombing from DaBandit (also many thanks to him for his ongoing hard work with the bonus point section) Romper and Tartan. All flying high atop the various tables, however there are still a decent smattering of points to be won so keep predicting those four nils and fettling with your fantasies - anything can happen!
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