2019 Champions League Final: LFC trophy no.6?

With a little over 345,000 seconds till kick off, now seems a good time for us to start limbering up and considering the question of whether we will beat Spurs to win our sixth Champions League trophy and just how we should go about it. Or as Don Logan would say: preparation, preparation, preparation.

Maybe it's just coincidence and they have never met but Jurgen also talks about preparation in his pre-match press conference.

A few further things of note: Naby Keita is definitely unavailable for the CL final but Jurgen said he is progressing well and may be fit for the African Cup Of Nations. Better news regards Bobby Firmino who trained last week, will train again this week and 'should be fine' to play against Spurs on Saturday.

As far as I know then apart from Naby we have a near enough fully fit squad. The Ox and Joe Gomez both played a few minutes in our last EPL match versus Wolves so should be available although it's doubtful either will start the match. My guestimated line-up is as follows.


A number of other interesting comments in the presser. Two that struck me were both other managers playing mind games. Firstly, Jurgen was informed that Pochettino has said the team that keeps best control of their emotions will win the match. Jurgen answered respectfully but I will tell it like it is:

Pochettino and Spurs would love to have even a tenth of the passion our Club and it's fans have and in my view he is trying to spin that and play on it in a way which he hopes will rattle us. It won't.

The other manager to stick his oar in was unsurprisingly Pep Guardiola. He must be bored, kicking about with nothing to do and apparently has commented that he believes it's better to win the Premier League than the Champions League. Jurgen's response to that was much better in highlighting that "Pep has that to say probably because he was not in a CL final for a while" Indeed.

Back to the game and I believe the above line-up is probably our strongest, and as agreed by Jurgen, this game is likely to be a tight one, so I think we will set up accordingly.

Spurs share many of the same qualities our team has; plenty of pace down the wings, tenacious, good defence, solid midfield and with Harry Kane likely back they also will be dangerous up front. Even without him they still would. Additionally, in Erikson and Alli they carry a midfield threat we will need to watch out for.

Mauricio Pochettino has some decisions to make though because if Kane comes back into his side then someone needs to make way. Son Heung-min, Lucas Moura and the aforementioned Dele Alli are the likely candidates and all but Alli have been playing well. You would assume that trio are also fully match fit versus a player in Kane who is returning from injury. Maybe it would even be better for us if Pochettino does start him.

So with Spurs qualities considered, I think it's fair to say that over the course of the season just finished, our own attributes have been and are at a level above in all departments. If we play a good game, which I'm confident we will, then that should see us win the match and in turn our sixth major European trophy. That would be very fitting for the way we have performed this season and genuinely deserved. It would also be great if we can win this for our friend up above x


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