We've conquered all of Europe

Morning peoples, hope the victory hangovers are subsiding. Just a brief piece ahead of the player ratings to take a look at Jurgen's post match presser. We've not quite conquered all of Europe yet this season but we've reached a consecutive Champions League semi final and are now well on our way.

Let's take a listen to what the gaffer thought about our 1-4 victory over Porto last night.

First thing I noticed - yes @Romper! we were indeed playing a 4-4-1-1. You asked on the match thread and Jurgen has confirmed that after struggling to find the right formation and tactics that is what we settled on in the second half. Prior to that we couldn't control the centre of the pitch as we wanted and it's refreshing to hear our manager acknowledge what we all witnessed - we were not at our best.

Also as noted by Kloppo, though we had to spend more of the match defending than we would have liked we know now that we will create chances sooner or later and that proved to be the case with us taking four of them. That's becoming a really great attribute of ours although in my view we mustn't let it become an assumption because that could breed complacency and see us get caught out.

Interesting question about Camacho, predictable no comment response from Jurgen ;-)

A little talk then about our squad and how we've been able to rest some players; great news ahead of our next match versus Cardiff and also for the rest of the season. Particularly pleasing to see Joe Gomez make his return to first team action and also pleasing that Matip has been good enough in his absence to make it a real contest for who will partner Virgil.

Who will we end up playing in the remainder of this season's Champion's League? Well next up are Messi's misfits and then with luck maybe we have a final versus Ajax and Jurgen was similarly elated as us at their progression to the semi's. A mouthwatering end to the tournament awaits us. Not City though, they got knocked out...

What are everyone's thoughts then, how will last night's results effect our chances of silverware this season. With Barca up next, will we progress to the CL final and with City leaving Europe empty handed, again, will they now be more or less of a threat in the EPL?
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