Saints vs Liverpool

Now we turn to the game against our feeder club Southampton now managed by Dr Hfuhruhurr (pronounced as it is spelt according to Steve Martin in the man with two brains). Like their Premier League form, the players Saints have provided to Liverpool range from the sublime to the ridiculous. From VVD to Lambert and every step in between. Let's just hope their performance on Friday leans heavily towards the ridiculous and they cough up the final three points of the six they owe us this season.

Turning now to the most important aspect of the game and their mascot Sammy the God(?). Sammy is famous for his Gangnam style dancing though this could also be the very early signs of rabies after he was bitten during a fight with Matt Le Tissier. I will let you be the judge.

The team : Alisson, TAA, Matip, Firmino, Robbo, Gini, Hendo, Milner, Mane,VVD, Salah.

PL Bonus (Don't forget to make your game result prediction on the official PL website)
1. First LFC goal scorer 1pt
2. First LFC sub (name of the player brought on) 1pt
3. Highest rated LFC player(s) based on the Echo's ratings 1pt

The LBN Case Special
4. LFC player to score the 4th LFC goal 4pts
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