Nine hours left to win the league

There are now just five hundred and forty minutes of normal time football left to play in the 2018/19 Premier League season and we currently sit top of the table. Just take a moment to think about how massive that is. It's a very rare beast indeed. Only on two previous occasions in twenty odd years have we played ourselves to within touching distance of the title and sadly we know how things panned out on those occasions. Will this time be different?

Well we do not have a mystic Meg to answer that question definitively and even if we did we would tell her 'shut up Meg!' What we do have though is the collective thinking power of our little Liverpool loving community, which by my reckoning must equate to a collective IQ running way into double digits. Now seems as good a time as any then to focus such impressive resolving power on to assessing our and City's remaining fixtures to see which of us is going to win the league.

Here are said fixtures and included in them are all scheduled games for all competitions because potentially they could all have a bearing.

Let's take a look at those matches, us first (we are the league leaders after all).

Southampton away, tricky fixture. Soton hate us for depriving them of all their best players and they are still scrapping hard to ensure they stay in the EPL. Their form has picked up of late and this won't be an easy game. We will have done well to come out of it with all three points. We can do though.

Porto at home, easy peasy lemon squeezy? should be shouldn't it and we have a decent amount of spacing between all our games now so it also shouldn't effect our title charge.

Chelsea at home, not what the doctor ordered at all this one. Chelsea of course hate us due to envy and would take great delight in stopping us (again). I am sure they will bring a hostile crowd to Anfield to let us know as much. In reality though, are their team up to carrying out the wish of it's fans - who knows. That's like asking which way the wind will be blowing in the 87th minute. On their day Chelsea are still a capable team and this fixture is a dangerous one but their manager is a lunatic and may rest half their best players handing us an easier time of it than we might expect. Probably not though and we will need to be absolutely on our game, if we are, then we will win.

Porto away, see Porto at home.

Cardiff away, Neil Warnock hates us because in 2007 Rafa made nine changes to an LFC team who then lost to Fulham and as a result Warnock's Sheffield team got relegated. Or did they? No Neil actually you got your team relegated by playing sh!te football for an entire season so take your anti-LFC bitterness and poke it where the sun doesn't shine. As it happens we hate you as well and will demonstrate such by stuffing Cardiff 0-4.

Huddersfield at home, nothing to fight for. All but relegated already and almost certainly will be by the time we play them. 4-0.

Newcastle away, this could be tricky. Rafa loves us, we love him but I think he is too professional and with too much integrity to purposefully throw a game. Don't get me wrong, of course he badly wants to see us win the title and helped best he could by defeating City but he won't hand this game to us on a plate. Newcastle's April fixtures are all difficult ones too so it's likely they will still be batting for safety. That said if we play well, we win.

Wolves at home, you'd think this would be a fairly good fixture to finish with but Wolves seem to be really going for a Europa League spot and perhaps they might still be fighting for that with other teams. Mind you most teams do their best to avoid the EL so the fight may be an easy one and all over by the last games of the season. Still though Wolves are a capable side and could cause us problems.

So that's us then. We have plenty of rest time between games - certainly compared to City and we are more than capable of beating all our remaining opponents. I rate our chances of doing so at about 80%. We still look a way off our best but you can't argue with our league standing and the fact we just grind out win after win after win. The remaining 20% I believe is the chance we will suffer a draw so potentially I have us dropping two points there.

What about City though, let's see what their fixture list tells us.

Cardiff at home, Warnock hates Liverpool. He loves his well paid job though and so I don't think that will be a factor. It just doesn't make sense for him to make a point about us contributing to a prior team he managed getting relegated by purposefully losing to City which then becomes a highly likely contributing factor for his current team getting relegated. Irrespective of any of that though City will blast Cardiff off the pitch.

Brighton at home in the FA Cup, coming only three days after the Cardiff game and leaving just three days till City's next fixture, all we can hope here is that so begineth an accumulative effect of fatigue which sees City's performance level drop. And it just might.

Spurs away in the Champions League, City just had to field their best side to try and win an important cup match, now three days later they have to do the same again, to try and win and important cup match. Another turn of the fatigue handle.

Palace away, a whole five days has now passed before City face a potential banana skin away from home. Maybe that five days has been enough to see them recover suitably to meet this challenge or maybe they will go slip sliding while they're away. With luck even if they don't drop points against Palace they will have to do something else - field their best side for a third time in nine days.

Spurs at home in the Champions League, with three hopefully being the magic number of days required to derail City's season it's lucky that again only three days will have passed before this fixture. A fixture in which by the way, City need to field their very best team. Oooo they are so desperate for that CL trophy, but they can't have their cake and eat it without suffering some more of that fatigue.

Spurs at home, well by now (another three days later) Spurs and City cannot stand the sight of each other. Both teams are knackered and both have quite literally built up scores to settle. Maybe some injuries and bookings have occurred as well. In addition to the Palace fixture this is a game which has a very good chance of seeing City come unstuck and drop some points. If that does happen someone should give Harry Claim an MBE.

Utd away, oh dear, oh dear, it's just not getting any easier. Four days rest this time but look what we have here. A lovely little derby number. Now we know Utd hate us with a passion but like Warnock, OGS loves his job and all that lovely money it pays him. That I hope will supersede any Liverpool considerations and without doubt this is yet another game in which City have a real chance of dropping points. Utd are also (try not to laugh) aiming to secure a top four spot - nope it's impossible :-)))))))))))))))))))))))))) umm yes anyway so that lowly target of theirs will also mean they have to give it their all versus City.

Burnley away, all this talk of hatred would not be complete without us mentioning Sean Dyche but no matter how much we dislike him he may well just do us a favour. Burnley are well and truly stuck in a relegation battle that could conceivably be ongoing when they play City. A City team don't forget who at this stage are low on morale after dropping so many points and knackered by injury and fatigue due to all the games they've had to play. Those ingredients suggest we might see a resolute Burnley bus depriving City of a point. I think it's unlikely the bus would move to the other end and score any goals but a draw would be just dandy.

Licester at home, what an outstanding game this could be. We often say what a beautiful technician Brendan Rodgers is but to be fair he doesn't need telling, he already knows he's a very important person. More importantly to us though is that Licester are a very capable team with let's be fair, a very capable newly appointed manager trying to win as many games as he possibly can between now and the of the season. What's more his players can't down tools early doors because they will be trying to impress the newly appointed manager to ensure they stay put for next season. Brendan I expect still likes our club and it's absolutely conceivable that Liceseter will take points from City.

Brighton away, they might be scrapping to stay up still but yeah, 0-4 City.

I think I've done well in keeping this article nice and short so I won't deliberate too much further as I'd like to hear everyone's own take on things. I will just conclude though that rose tinted monocle or not, it seems pretty much a fact that City have far more potential to drop points than we do. I rate the potential for City to win the rest of their EPL games at only 70% versus our 80%. The remaining 30% for City is due to them I believe being very likely not just to drop points, but to drop more points than we might. Is that all fair and well reasoned though or am I missing some critical realism?

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