Liverpool vs Porto

I have been brushing up on my Portuguese in time for Tuesday's game. I have already learnt that Porto is Portuguese for Port and that Africano is Portuguese for African. Case is helping me and sent me a message in Portuguese which is just one of the many languages he speaks (he is even learning English now).  Despite my best efforts though I am struggling to translate this one: "Liverpoolo willo wino fouro."

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With the run in to the EPL and CL hotting up it's enough to drive us all to drink. In Jock's case it's a shorter journey than for most of us.  Ilija goes for something a little stronger and even Jay finds himself reaching for a stiff one from time to time...……

We beat them 5-0 last time out but any win on Tuesday night will do though a nice 4-0 would give us some breathing space to focus on the EPL.

Team: Alisson, TAA, Matip, Firmino, Milner, Hendo, Fab, Gini, Mane, VVD and Salah

Bonus Questions:
1. LFC result (win, loss or draw) 1pt
2. Final score (must have question 1 correct to be eligible) 1pt
3. First LFC goal scorer 1pt
4. Total shots on target by LFC 1pt
5. Echo’s MOTM 1pt
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