Liverpool vs Huddersfield

So, now, like, we turn our attention to, y'know, 'uddersfield, innit, Bro'. Right, that is quite enough popular culture for one match thread and I'm shizzle about that. The Terriers have two mascots called Tilly and Terry pictured below. Their previous manager was a Klopp friend (and lookalike) and the current one, Jan Siewert. comes from Borussia Dortmund, but that is where any link to success begins and ends. After an appallingly bad season for them surely there can only be one outcome, 8-0 right?


Team: Alisson, Gomez, Matip VVD, Robbo, Milner, Fab, Keita, Mane, Firmino and Salah.  I would give TAA a rest whilst giving Gomez some game time and jiggle around with the midfield a bit but with not too many changes to start with as "anything can happen". We can always rest a couple of the forwards part way through the game if all goes well.

Bonus point questions:
1. First LFC goal scorer (1pt)
2. Total LFC shots on target (1pt)
3. Echo’s LFC player of the game (1pt)
4. TLBN 4th LFC goal special (4pts)
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