Liverpool player of the month - March

Only two players can win The Liver Bird Nest's player of the month award for March as far as I'm concerned; Virgil van Dijk and last month's winner Mr Sadio Mane. There are others worthy of honourable mentions such as, nope, it is literally just VVD and the Mane man Sadio. Oh okay then, I will honourably mention Robertoson for Jock ;-)

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So how do we choose between a colossal rock in defence and a mammoth mountain of goal scoring thunder in attack? Simply we have to decide which of the two players in question is directly responsible for LFC winning the most points in the month formally known as March.

Interestingly and also unusually for us nowadays, during the thirty-one days under consideration we only kept one clean sheet. That was against our bitter rivals Everton. We then went on to concede five goals over the next four games so this looks to be a case already closed. Surely Virgil cannot win yet another POTMA with those stats, and if it wasn't clean sheets that helped us win our games it must have been goals right? Well that does seem to be correct: our supposed (by myself as well as others) struggling attack managed to bag eleven goals in March, five of which were from Mane. This vote is seeming an easier and easier choice but wait...

One of those eleven goals was scored by Virgil and to me a defender scoring one goal has to be equal to about five goals from an attacking player, coincidentally the exact number of goals Sadio scored. So if in relative terms Virgil did as much in attack as Sadio, did Sadio do as much in defence as VVD? Answers on a postcard please as I do not know but I would hazard a guess the answer is no, although Mane does do a lot of defensive work for the team as a whole. Also I would suggest that though we conceded a few too many goals in March, Virgil being on the pitch ensured it wasn't many times more. Nor do I recall a single goal scored against us directly attributable to him being at fault. My conclusion therefore is that Virgil has indeed once again done enough to earn another POTMA. Am I right though.

LBN POTM awards to date: Virgil van-Dijk x 3, Xherdan Shaqiri x 1, Mane x 1.

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