Klopp apologises for playing Henderson as a no.6

Well yet another Liverpool (League Leaders) victory and a pretty darn good one at that. I think people know the drill now but just to reaffirm - this is only meant as a brief interlude piece before Jock's bodacious ratings article. It will only be brief as well, as having listened to Jurgen's post match presser, I couldn't find anything to disagree with!

What do you think all, does he call everything bob on?

One thing that I really liked was when Jurgen was asked about Henderson - his face lit up and it is clear he's as pleased as we are to see our captain playing so well. In his praise of Jordan's excellent attacking performance Kloppo even went so far as to say sorry for playing him as a number six for so long :-))

Also discussed was our maturity as a team and how it's improved. I agree it has done and markedly so. As Jurgen talks about above we have to get the right balance between defence and attack and importantly remaining solid in defence whilst we're attacking and that is something we are now much better at than in recent seasons.

Could and can we play better than we did tonight though? Also is the second leg now a walk in the park or something which could still go either way. One thing is for sure, regards this match, we can't be anything other than very happy with our overall performance and of course the 4-0 score line.
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