Barcelona vs Liverpool

Next up is the semi final first leg of the Champions League, against the team where ex Liverpool players go to see out their final days in the Sunshine. Some, like Coutinho, just start their dotage a little earlier than others. The first leg is at the Camp Nou on Wednesday 1 May, with the second leg to follow at Field An the following week on 7 May.

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When discussing the key attacking threats from Barcelona you have to start with Lionel Messi  who has won just about every honour there is, several times over. In fact the only award he has never won is the best dressed man of the year award but, surely, it can only be a matter of time before this outright miscarriage of justice is put right.

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Next on the threat list is of course the South American, Sabre Toothed Vampire.  But he is getting older now, his dentures don't fit so well and he has trouble even bending over (no Jay don't be disrespectful). These days Coutinho is largely employed to put his boots on for him, though obviously, he is not yet qualified to lace them.

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Because it is Liverpool, I suspect Coutinho will start. Some Liverpool fans give him a hard time for the way he left, but we should all remember that he has overcome a potential career limiting injury. Fortunately, Barcelona's medical experts have been treating him with the latest techniques known to medical science which involves spending long spells sitting on a hard surface, especially on match days. This seems to have prevented any recurrence of the back injury that tragically forced Liverpool to sell him so cheaply. Of course, we should not be complacent though as the injury could return at any time (fingers crossed) especially during the lead up to any transfer windows.


Case has now told me that this is not a picture of Coutinho but is the Barcelona mascot called Clam and is apparently a dog though my maxim is if it doesn't look like a dog, smell like a dog or cock it's leg its probably a Shitzu...

Prediction League bonus point questions:

1. Liverpool result (win, loss or draw) 1 pt
2. Final score (must have first question correct to be eligible) 1pt
3. LFC player with the first assist 1pt
4. Total LFC shots on target 1pt
5. LFC’s highest rated player(s) as selected by the Echo 1pt
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