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Week in week out we support our team. The majority of us from our own homes (or the pub). Throughout the working week we anticipate the match. Prepare ourselves by reading charts, graphs, stats and speculation. We observe our adversaries begrudgingly, hoping for a slip up. They don’t. We then watch our team. This is what the week has been about. 90 minutes of extra stress. The opponent gets close, skimming the bar, whilst we equally get close - to a heart attack! We survived the game, achieved the win, but all whilst knowing that is the minimum. And even that may not be enough…

If you haven’t noticed this is a bleak, yet realistic prediction for how the rest of our domestic campaign will play out. It’s like any other part of the football calendar, we prepare in the same way, but we don’t have the release of relief at the final whistle. It’s just back to the stress. I don’t have to tell you that supporting our beloved Liverpool right now isn’t the healthiest of commitments. Realistically, this season has probably taken a couple of decades off our respective life expectancies. We laugh this off, but it’s probably true, but that leads to the question. Why?

We are totally aware that football isn’t a healthy hobby. It’s obsessive, aggressive, tribal and stressful. It often has a negative impact on our social lives, our working lives, our health and, depending on your medium for watching the games, your financial situation or your code of ethics. There are millions of other pastimes that are less taxing, and more beneficial. Yet we still come back to supporting the mighty reds.


Does it stem from the origins of our support? Potentially. I, personally, cannot say this is the case. I come from a rugby family, and live in an area with a rugby culture. Thus I have no team to inherit from my dad, and no professional local team to support.

My introduction to Liverpool is an odd one. I have a fence near my house that people often jump over, and it had collapsed. Amongst the wreckage was a pile of football trading cards, called Match Attax. I was never really into football at all at this point, only playing at lunch and break times at school with a floater, and even then I somehow ended up as the referee! I found the Match Attax interesting and took them home. A few weeks later my dad took me to the corner shop and bought me a pack. I was hooked, and collected them for the next few years, all this without an inkling of knowledge regarding the beautiful game. One day, I noticed a 100 Club Gerrard card in my collection. I remember seeing the passion on his face and something just clicked. I am a Liverpool fan.


Unfortunately, this was probably the worst time to become a Liverpool fan for half a century. The great Woy was in charge. Luckily I don’t really recall this period, but I do remember the Kenny period. My point is, my introduction to the reds was hardly romantic or particularly meaningful, so why do I continue to support them, week in week out. I’m sure many of you do have a meaningful origin to your support of LFC, but I don’t yet I still support through the thick and thin, so it has to be something else.

The original reason is important, but it’s not the most important factor as to why we partake in the irrational unhealthy hobby we call supporting. There are plenty of people I know with much better reasons to support a team than I do, yet they have drifted from them. These people are football fans too, but they don’t actively support their team. The key to our support is what keeps you there. It doesn’t matter how get there, what matters is when you are supporting you feel a connection. A real reason as to why the club is for you, and that the coincidence that lead to your support was destiny, not just a random consequence of life. It was meant to be.

Think, what about LFC drives you to support it, through thick and thin. What is it that makes you solider on despite the obvious problems with the game? Day after day, more and more fans are leaving, alienated by the greed of the game. This site was formed as a consequence of this very greed. We were formed due to Jamie’s alienation, so we were indirectly formed by the greed. And that is the beauty of it. Despite all the questionable ethics surrounding the beautiful game, it remains beautiful, as it brings people together.

Both on this site, and in reality, the simplicity of the game means people from all walks of life can come together. So, we’ve been brought together by football and LFC. Why LFC though? What is it that makes us fight for our corner in the football ring? We’ve established why football, now why Liverpool?


I believe that Liverpool has a certain appeal that few other clubs can offer, it’s not just a biased tribally fuelled illusion. Our club is fuelled by more than many other clubs, dare I coin the phrase: This Means More. Liverpool is a unique city. An old port town, whose industry was destroyed by de-industrialisation, therefore Liverpudlians have gone through a lot together. They are in a multicultural part of the UK, with much of the city's key characteristics originating from the continent (Scouse anyone?). This makes Liverpool a special place. It is a welcoming and supportive place, therefore so are the clubs (unless they’re jealous and blue).

The identity of a club, although diluted by their global reach, does stem from its host city. This is particularly true with us. Our lack of success over the last 30-odd years has led to the glory supporters being phased out, therefore the vast majority of fans are here because they identify with the club. The fact that we’re still a huge club, with little success for 3 decades, is testament to the popularity of our club’s values.


Therefore I feel there are two key unique thing’s about our club.

Our initial values, from the unique city of Liverpool, and our current circumstances, meaning the proportion of fake fans to real fans is much lower than most clubs of our size, especially in England. The part that matters though is the values of the club. We are an inclusive and caring club. These are attractive qualities that we can all resonate with, but what is remarkable is that our site embodies the spirit of Liverpool, and football.

It brings people together, as already mentioned. We are inclusive - we have good, spirited conversations, with little consideration to creed. We are supportive, evident in the way Bev and many others have been supported over the years, including myself. This site is a real reminder to all of us as to why we do it. Many of you get up at God knows what hour to watch the game. I salute you, but don’t stop. If you EVER feel any doubt just take a look at this site and remember - THIS MEANS MORE.

You are not simply supporting a business, nor a club. You are supporting the values that our team represents. You are supporting kindness, regardless of political tension. You are supporting love over hate. You are supporting good over evil. And if that sentence seems a bit far-fetched, just look at what we’re up against.


Yeah, good vs evil.  (-;

To sign off I’ll leave you with the words that truly summarise what we are supporting:
When you walk through a storm

Hold your head up high

And don't be afraid of the dark

At the end of a storm

There's a golden sky

And the sweet silver song of a lark

Walk on through the wind

Walk on through the rain

Though your dreams be tossed and blown

Walk on, walk on

With hope in your heart

And you'll never walk alone

You'll never walk alone

Walk on, walk on

With hope in your heart

And you'll never walk alone

 You'll never walk alone
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