Video: Jurgen Klopp - 'win over Fulham was sensational!'

Well that was more than a little bit nervy but it's what we Liverpool fans are used to. It would be nice if we could buck the trend and just win the rest of this season's games 4-0 but when all is said and done the result is what matters, and today's result means we head into the excitement of an international break as League Leaders again. Which is nice.

Following the same lines as the last after match video article this one is similarly not intended to be in lieu of Jock's excellent ratings threads but simply to allow us a brief window to consider Jurgen's match reaction. So without further ado, let's hear what he had to say in his post match presser.

Always a pleasure to listen to the gaffer give his views and I have picked out just a few points which caught my attention. I am paraphrasing a little but believe the meanings are correct.

'Fulham play differently to Bayern' Well no sh!t Sherlock, you don't say. I get what Jurgen is meaning here but to offer that as kind of an excuse for us not being fully at the races today is a bit far fetched. It's not like all of Fulham's recent games won't have been analysed to the nth degree. So their playing style being different to our last opponent's is not really a valid reason for a lacklustre performance.

'We could/should have scored more before Fulham's goal' Absolutely agree, we had some good passages of play but went decidedly off the boil which handed the momentum to Fulham and to their credit, they took full advantage, piling on the pressure and scoring as a result. Not all managers acknowledge fault in their team's performances so fair play to Jurgen for telling it like it was.

'I don't want to discuss Mo's goal drought' I can understand this and blanket refusing to even accept it's an issue is likely good man management. Better to have any related talks behind the scenes but if I had to criticise Jurgen, and it's only a very minor criticism, I would say that he sometimes expresses a little too much indignation at being asked perfectly reasonable questions and of course we all know that Mo's scoring struggle is a real issue which is at times hampering the team.

'Important all our players return from international duties healthy' Dog I hope they do and this couple of weeks will be nearly as nervy as today's match was. So much could ride on and be influenced, either positively or negatively, by our fortunes over the international break that we can only hope and pray our players make it through unscathed. This leads me on nicely to my last point.

'Hendo will probably go off on international duties' As the actress said to the bishop, come again? Yes you read that right - although our capitano Hendonism was not able to make the squad today because of injury, we're all set to hand him over to Southgate to do with as he pleases. And what Southgate pleases will naturally be to use every player at his disposal to get the best results he can. Will he be as concerned with Henderson's fitness and injury recovery status as we would wish him to be? Highly doubtful and that's before we consider the different training methods and exercises utilised by the England team versus what Henderson's body is used to at Liverpool.

This seems like a recipe for disaster to me and further to that, I'd suggest that we have quite poor form for this kind of thing. While our rivals often appear to go out of their way to protect their players by seemingly inventing injuries to keep them from having to attend international duties, we do pretty much the opposite and just hand them all over, including, as in this example, even when they're not in the best of shape. Madness.

Anyways all, have a listen above and see what you think. Overall a jolly good result for us today and that table topping point is a very happy one for this article to finish on.

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