Timo, or not Timo: that is the question

Will we, won't we, could we, should we? Timo Werner is a name that seems to have been floating around the LFC transfer rumours mill for quite some time now and a name that appears to be gaining traction with both fans and media alike.

The latest talk of the town, which you can read all about here is that Timo has already agreed personal terms with Bayern for when his contract with current team Red Bull Leipzig runs out in 2020. Perhaps our German correspondent Johannes could provide us an inside scoop on that. Leipzig manager, Ralf Rangnick's take though is that it isn't going to happen.

Bayern have previously signed both Robert Lewandowski and Leon Goretzka on free transfers from other Bundesliga teams and it seems as though Rangnick is determined for that not to happen in Timo's case. Rangnick is quoted here as recently saying the following:

"A possible agreement is impossible for 2019 [right now]. We would have to agree, and we are not."

"Nobody has approached us from Bayern. There will not be a case like Leon Goretzka and Robert Lewandowski between us and Timo Werner. This option does not exist and we do not need to talk about this scenario."

"Clubs that want him will report in the summer and then we will find a fair, mutually agreed solution. Everything else is not an option."

So that makes it clear that a potential deal between us and Leipzig could be possible this summer. Having previously signed Naby Keita from them it's also reasonable to assume that the two clubs would be happy to do business again. The question is though, do we want to sign Timo Werner?

Timo seems to be a player that Liverpool fans know a fair bit about already but I'll list a few details about him for further consideration. He's 22 years old, 1.81 meters tall and plays as a centre forward. He can however also play both left and right wings - there's some appeal for a Jurgen Klopp team straight away. If Timo could just add fullback to his playing positions then I'd say it's a done deal.

So that's most of the basics covered with just his market value to go and that is €65million, although I guess with a bit of competition for his signature that would very likely rise to ungodly figures. As far as playing stats go, this season to date Timo has made a total of 25 appearances, scoring 13 goals and providing 3 assists... Next!!!!

Just kidding, although on the face of it those goal scoring stats do not set the world alight and in fact could even be labelled a bit of a damp squib, Timo's strike rate this season is virtually identical to Salah's (goal scored every 154 minutes for Mo and a goal scored every 157 minutes for Timo).

I suppose the question then is would Timo be scoring more goals in the Premier League playing for us and enough to surpass what Mo is currently doing? Not that we're discussing replacing Salah, I don't think anyone wants that, not even remotely but surely it makes sense that any additional striking options we look to sign this summer offer us more than what we already have; including surpassing the not so deadly duo named Sturridge and Origi. So peoples, what do we think, Timo, or not Timo?

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