Liverpool set to boycott this but do fans think they should?

With scant regard for what the clubs themselves think, FIFA, in typically stubborn fashion, have forged ahead with plans for a new Club World Cup tournament; scheduling it to start in 2021. The newly approved competition is expected to include eight European teams and now we've established ourselves as perennial League Leaders, Liverpool are sure to be one of them. Not though if they can possibly avoid it.

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The proposed new tournament would run every four years and be played over the months of June and July. The period which currently houses World Cup warm ups and the Confederations Cup. I assume the tabled 2021 start would fit in around existing four yearly competitions as the World Cup and Euro's but the question is, should we be cramming more games into a already relentless schedule.

As reported here the intention of Liverpool Football Club and other European clubs is to boycott any such tournament. The same report quotes a letter sent from the European Club Association (the body who represent the interests of European football clubs) as saying "[We are] firmly against any potential approval of a revised CWC - no ECA clubs would take part" The letter was sent to UEFA president Aleksander Ceferin, for him to relay that stance to FIFA.

Currently the Club World Cup is held each December with just seven teams from six confederations but the new plan would include not only the above mentioned eight European teams but also six teams from South America, three from each of Africa, Asia, North and Central America, as well as one team from Oceania. That does sound like the makings of a much better tournament or as FIFA president Gianni Infantino put it "Now the world will see a real Club World Cup where fans will see the best teams in the world compete to be crowned the real world champions"

Not sure if it would be a good thing as it pertains to our bread and butter ambitions of winning the EPL, CL, FA and Lge Cups each season but purely from a 'great I get to watch more Liverpool games' point of view, I really like the sound of this new competition. I like the idea of us being crowned World Champions too. Additionally, why should the existing top of the tree tournaments wise (the Champions League) exclude teams from places such as South America? This event sounds much more inclusive and if when we win it, we'll rightly be considered the best dog damn team on the planet.

A couple of points to consider:

  • Would entry to this competition be fair and really see the best teams around the world included. The way other existing comps work leaves a bit to be desired on that front and there are no guarantees FIFA wouldn't lash this one right up as well.

  • Could we handle the extra games and just how big an impact would they have on the league and other tournaments? As the famous film line goes: 'we're gonna need a bigger squad' Not only that but playing a new competition in the summer months would rob us of valuable pre-season time.

I think any potential negative affects(?) would be okay if they were going to apply to all of our rivals as well. The trouble is, I guess just eight Europeans teams would only include one or two from the Premier League and so that would mean that the next half a dozen teams we're generally competing against would be better rested and have a full pre-season under their belts, where we could be nursing injuries and dealing with fatigue.

Perhaps the potential drawbacks could be countered with a bigger squad and with teams thought to be able to earn £50m for taking part in the new CWC it seems there would be some extra income to help us get that. Mind you that barely buys a pair of new boots these days let alone a bunch of new players. All in all though and it may be a naive and slightly selfish view but I really like the sound of this and kind of hope it happens. Am I missing something though, are Liverpool and other EPL clubs justified in their stance, or are they aiming to deprive us of a fun to watch new tournament without fair reason?

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