LBN exclusive: Super computer predicts massive Liverpool victory

In a highly scientific experiment using state of the art technology The Liver Bird Nest has run a series of virtual games ahead of Liverpool's match up with Fulham and the results are astounding. Before any player has even set foot on the pitch we can now reveal that 0-4 was quite literally one of the possible score combinations predicted as having a chance of happening.

We ran five hundred match simulations and after discounting any result which wasn't 0-4, that was the scoreline that came out the most. Thanks to the ground breaking algorithmic, logarithmic and arthritic components of our specialised equipment and team we can also be first to break the news that at least 99.99% of the goals will be scored during a 5,640 second window, between 2.15pm and 4.04pm. Unfortunately we were not able to gather any data to help us discern which day it would happen. For that we had to rely on our collective years of experience in these matters and we feel that Sunday is a day which has, at least, a one in seven chance of being the day the match takes place.

We will now take a look at what manager Jurgen Klopp thinks ahead of the game, although we have to include the disclaimer that he does not have access to The Liver Bird Nest's advanced techmology.

Some interesting points there but I wish they would ask more relevant questions. One journalist mentioned Milner and though I'm not knocking that specific question, as it was a good one, it did remind me about Milner's contract uncertainty - why don't they ask Klopp about stuff like that instead of just trying to get meaningless sound bites out of him.

Anyway, mini moan out the way, the injury round up was as follows: Henderson ruled out of Sunday's game but hopefully back after the upcoming international break. Keita seemed to be an unknown still as far as this weekend goes but there was very good news that apparently The Ox will be "100%" after the international break. It will be fantastic to see him back playing for the first team and potentially a real difference maker for the rest of the season.

Other than that it was good to hear Jurgen reaffirm that as ever we need to be "confident, aggressive (controlled) and direct" vs Fulham. Of course on paper we should steam roll them but nothing is ever a given in the EPL so we must maintain focus. If we turn up with our a-game though, hopefully we'll quickly put things to bed and even be able to rest a few players later in the match.

One last thing which tickled me was that Jurgen had to ask the journalists how many points we are on. It made me smile as I thought of our previous host going nuts about how Kloppo should know such things. That's not meant as a dig because I can see his point but my view is a contrary one - if you can live in the moment you are much better able to rebuff pressure and also more likely to do a good job with the task at hand, which is of course stuffing Fulham 0-4.

This is how I see us lining up to do so:


There are a number of options at Jurgen's disposal; he could include Shaqiri and start with four attackers but I feel even though Fulham are sat in the relegation zone Jurgen will want to be sure of establishing a solid foothold in the game to start with. I've stuck Lovren into the line-up not because I think he's better than Matip but because I can see Jurgen wanting to build his match fitness and also wanting to give Matip a rest. Who knows, we might even see a Lovren/Matip partnership to enable Virgil to have a day off. That would be fun.

Further up the pitch we have central midfield to consider and it's possible Naby could play if passed fit but I am a little suspect that there is more to his absence or rather more reason than the injury for which details still seem very thin on the ground. I don't see him playing on Sunday. Last but not least there is Lallana to consider. I wouldn't be at all disappointed to see his good performance vs Burnley rewarded with another starting spot and perhaps that would also help us rest Milner so could be what Jurgen goes with. Regardless of the line-up though, 0-4.

*The super computer was a Casio FX-550
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