Jurgen Klopp delighted with LFC win over Bayern

Well they say a picture tells a thousand words and the sheer delight at our progression to the 2018/19 Champion's League quarter finals is clearly evident on Jurgen's face. Fantastic stuff. I cannot think of a better manager for us to have and not only in character but also in talent. Make no mistake Liverpool Football Club are well and truly back on the map and pleasingly, I think we're there to stay.

I should at this point explain this article is just a brief interlude and not in any way meant to replace Jock's excellent ratings threads. Partly for technical reasons - we're going to try making the video's we list on site, articles in their own right. They are only going to be stocking fillers in addition to normal articles though so please forgive them being fairly brief and basic in content.

I am not going to chat player performances in general in this text because Jock is the man who can, do that much much better. Apart from the below post match pressekonferenz video for you to enjoy and discuss though, I will just mention some random points. One, as alluded to above, I think it's a breath of fresh air in relation to other managers coughPepcough to hear and see the sheer joy in Jurgen's tone and expression. He truly is a football and Liverpool fan just like each of us and I think it's a treat to see that shine through unabated. It is clear just how much he wants us to succeed and for all the right reasons - us, his staff, his players, the club, the city. In fact he can barely contain that emotion and passion at times but I think that's ruddy marvellous. Humanistic qualities at their very best; to want good things to happen for others and I think they are going to.

To counter my joy at Jurgen's joy, I also share his saddeness at Henderson picking up an injury and of course we hope it is not serious and I am a bit miffed at the ref for giving Robbo a yellow when as Jurgen suggests, he'd behaved impeccably the whole game. His end of match challenge was clearly not in the least bit cynical, rather it was totally accidental. So for the ref to dish out a yellow knowing the ramifications it may carry, I think was a bit naughty. Further to that I hope to see less berating (looking at you Virgil) and more rallying round because the torment born from knowing he misses the next game was written across Robbo's face and on another day that last ditch tackle he made will be vitally important so let's not be harsh on a player who has been an absolute rock for us.

Anyways that's enough of my slightly inebriated post match pontifications, over to Jurgen.

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