Exciting young Liverpool talent to leave club in summer

Just a brief one this chaps, also I believe it's a little bit sad as well. I read here this morning that winger Bobby Adekanye is set to leave Liverpool this summer and think it's always a shame when it doesn't pan out for one of our youth players. We have a good history of developing young players and although in recent times that track record hasn't been so good, since Jurgen has been manager it has improved again. Sadly though this young lad is all set to depart and when you read Adekanye's words detailing the reasoning behind why, I feel it is more saddening than normal.

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Apparently LFC have offered him a new three year contract which he has turned down after becoming disillusioned due to being left out of our pre-season squad which toured the USA. Other fringe players were included by Jurgen Klopp and with room made by some of our senior players being rested after the World Cup, Adekanye clearly feels he should have been one of them. Further to that his words suggest he'd been told he would be. Adekanye is quoted by the above linked source as recently saying the following to Dutch news outlet Voetbalzone:

"That [going on the tour] didn't happen in the end. That is disappointing and it has contributed to the fact that I do not want to renew my contract."

"If they promise such things and it doesn't happen, I don't know what will happen if I sign for three years. 
That confidence is no longer there, even though I still greatly respect the club."

"They don't just extend for three years, so maybe there was a schedule behind it. But I no longer have faith in that."

"In terms of money, things are fine, but you have nothing if there is no perspective behind it. Money will come later, I now need playing minutes."

Of course without knowing the full details from all involved parties it is difficult to judge if LFC have done wrong by him and also it is hard to tell if Adekanye is perhaps putting too much emphasise on not being included for the USA tour when as he says, the offer of a new three year contract does indeed suggest Liverpool saw a future for him at the club. He could be cutting his nose to spite his face here but his view, taken at face value, is totally understandable as is the want for more playing time and the belief that will be best for him.

From the little I've seen of Adekanye, I feel he has a lot of potential. He has played well for the U23's but had injuries affect his consistency. I am saddened that he will not be developing that potential with us and think the way things are panning out is a tad unfortunate and was likely avoidable. Maybe there is still time for an eleventh hour intervention from Jurgen Klopp which could change Adekanye's mind. Now he has turned down a new contract though that does seem pretty final and so the very best of British to him for the future.

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