The great LFC captaincy debate

Article by Romper.

Our current club leader is a certain Mr Jordan Henderson, who had the daunting task of taking the prestige armband from the outgoing club legend that is Steven Gerrard. Not only did Henderson take over from a living legend and club hero, but the club was at the time losing its star players left right and centre.  Although it is an unbelievable honour to captain such a prestigious team, I can’t picture too many of the players being eager to take the arm band after Stevie G, but cometh the hour, cometh the man and up stepped Jordan Henderson.

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It has been discussed in passing, in the comment section of other articles though, whether or not it is now time for Hendo to relinquish the armband. I have no doubts Ilija will have some very staunch words in favour of keeping Henderson as captain and some of his points may be reasonable but I would have to disagree with them. Firstly, well because it is Ilija but secondly, I have listed below the two main reasons why it is perfect timing for Henderson to step aside at the end of the season and let one of the new breed of players take the reins.

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First reason behind the change is Hendo’s role on match day, so far we have played 26 EPL games, of those games Henderson has only started 13 and come off the bench a further 8 times. If a player is to be captain surely he needs to start more than 50% of matches.

This brings me onto my next point, why has Henderson not started so many games this season? Some due to injury and in seasons gone by Hendo has also missed a fair few days (16/17 season 129 days, 17/18 season 49 days, and so far this season 18 days). The other possible and becoming more obvious reason - we now have players who are at a somewhat higher skill level than Jordan. What I mean by this, is that with the style and formation we play, the likes of Fabinho, Keita (hoping what we have seen in the last 1.5 games will continue to grow) and Gini should all start ahead of Henderson as their skill set is much more advanced and looks more likely to deliver on a regular basis, which is required for LFC to challenge for the EPL consistently. Due to this I cannot see how Klopp can allow Henderson to carry on being club captain and even more so if we bring in much needed higher quality in the midfield which would see him fall even further down the pecking order. I do believe Henderson is one of the players we should be keeping though, unlike the Lallama.

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Now that I have listed my reasons behind taking the captaincy off Hendo, I will state that I believe he is a very good leader. I think we might have one or two players that are better or soon will be but Jordan should continue on as vice-captain. You would probably be hard pressed to find a harder working, more committed player to the LFC cause and his work ethic and even his leadership skills aren’t really what’s being questioned here, it’s more a case of how is a person supposed to captain a team from the sidelines. Surely the captain should be the first name on the piece of paper every week and unfortunately Henderson’s name isn’t. It isn’t even the 11th in all honesty. From here on his role within the club is going to be a quality squad player and mentor to the young players coming through.

Henderson has lead this club well and deserves recognition for doing so but LFC are now coming into the next stage of their development and entering the elite of European football once again. Henderson’s time as captain has drawn to a close.

Now, who should take his place? There are a few very good options available for both short and long term and I will let you guys decide who you think is best. Obviously everyone's initial reaction will be Mignolet but as he may not be around next season lets look at your second choice... no not Moreno either.

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