Race hots up for sizzling LFC summer signing

Yes indeed, currently the UK may be a bit chilly, damp, grey, miserable, cloudy, dingy, did I mention cold yet? and there isn't any football to watch but fear not because hot off the press is this scorching number of a transfer rumour and it's one I think will warm everyone's cockles. Although it is also tinged with sadness.

He's 23 years young, 1.88 metres tall and weighs in at 71 kgs, enough said? Oh - his main position is central midfield and he's French. Which means his name is of course, insert drum roll here...

Adrien Rabiot. Yes! that's right you heard it here fourteenth. According to multiple sources, such as this one, there's a good chance that we might sign the young French midfield maestro who goes by the name Rabiot. But is he any good you ask, well let's take a look shall we.

Now, granted youtube compilations are not the only tool which clubs use to make their player buying decisions but they are probably the main one and it will have been immediately obvious to Liverpool, and other likely Rabiot suitors, that he has great hair. Whether other Clubs need that kind of thing as much as we do since Emre left is another matter but it would certainly suggest that LFC may prioritise such a signing this summer and accordingly be willing to stump up the funds to make it happen.

When you consider the amount of skill and all round sensational midfield talent the hair would bring with it, it only becomes a more enticing proposition. Rabiot's all round play is very good indeed, a true box to box player the like of which we've been missing since Stevie hung his boots up. Of course I am not suggesting Rabiot is at that level or even close to it, yet, but the potential is there.

At present his stats in pure goal terms are 25 scored for 240 career appearances which isn't too bad for a central midfield player. It's also not earth shattering but I think to judge on stats alone would be foolish in this instance.

Sadly Rabiot lost his father in January and as a mark of respect, his mother, who is also his sole agent, curtailed all transfer talks for the winter window, where clubs such as Tottenham had laid plans to sign the player. Barcelona were also said to have been interested in Rabiot but as reported here they are now thought to have pulled out of the race to sign him this summer, when interest in securing his services is sure to reignite. Especially when you consider that he'll become a free agent - Rabiot's current club PSG are unlikely to re-sign him themselves because he'd refused to sign a new contract ahead of the aforementioned transfer talks just gone.

It's clear then that Adrien will be heading for pastures new this summer. Also he has previously shown a fondness for both Liverpool and Anfield via social media so when you factor in our soaring profits/wealth and clear improvement on pitch, we must be a destination that would appeal to the young Frenchman. His current market value is €50million which seems a veritable bargain but who knows what his wage demands may be, especially when perpetual sick-notes like Aaron bloomin Ramsey have proved the world of football really has gone bat shit crazy. Rabiot's hair alone is probably worth six-hundred grand a week but on the assumption a deal could be made, what do we think, Adrien Rabiot, yay or nay?
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