Manure vs Liverpool

It's big matches all the way now and they don't come much bigger than Manu away this weekend. I have looked back at the head to heads between the two teams and overall they are: 88 wins to Manu ;76 to Liverpool and 65 draws. This is not great news of course but it is worth noting that prior to the advent of the Premier League and Manu's dominance, Liverpool were actually a couple of wins ahead of Manu. So the challenge is to close that gap once more and there is no better way to start than to do the double over them this year.

Continuing one of my favourite themes, I have been lucky enough to get an exclusive picture of the new Manchester United mascot now that their previous mascot, little Mou, drove off in his bus loaded with gold bullion:

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As one baby looks much like any other I thought I would include a picture of their manager so that when they lose you know who it is throwing his toys out the pram:


Turning now to the team. I think it should be Alisson, TAA, Matip. VVD, Robbo. Fab, Gini, Hendo,
Mane, Firmino, and Salah. Others will say we should start with Keita and I fear Klopp may agree but I am not sure he offers enough yet for a game of this size. Others too will say Salah cannot pass a ball so he should be replaced by Moreno but on this one I think Klopp and I will definitely agree;-)

Prediction league bonus point questions:
Hey all, don’t forget to get your game prediction in on the official PL site
1. First LFC goal scorer 1pt
2. Time of the first LFC goal (+/- 3 minutes) 1pt
3. ECHO’s top rated LFC player 1pt

The Case Special
4. LFC player who scores the 4th LFC goal 4pt
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