Liverpool vs Watford

After a disappointing run of results if not performances we come up against Watford again in the League and it is vital we get back to winning ways. With Firmino missing it is vital that the other forwards step forward to cover the gap. Salah in particular needs to find his touch and his form once more and Shaqiri is due a big performance too. But I think Mane might be the main man to step forward and get us some goals.

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This is a picture of people rushing to get through the Watford gap to get to the South of England and relative safety. The rail service heading in the wrong direction though as usual.

The main threat to Liverpool from Watford is clearly Deulofalalofeulalalulu who scored a hat-trick at the weekend - boom bang a bang indeed.


(Editor: What has this rubbish got to do with football?  You need replacing immediately as you are obviously not fit to carry on.  If you don't give way I will apply the ultimate sanction and fine you up to a week's wages whilst accepting the sack myself)
My selection would be Alisson, TAA, Matip, VVD, Robbo, Hendo Fab, Gini, Origi Salah and Mane.

The wild card is Origi. We need to get TAA back to put in his crosses so that Origi can show his Benteke like heading ability Once we have a few goals Mane, who should start at CF, can then move to CB and swap with VVD to improve Goal difference. We should run out clear winners by 4 or 5 goals.
EPL PL Bonus Questions
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1. First goal scorer (either team) 1pt
2. LFC total possession % (+/- 3%) 1pt
3. The Echo’s MOTM (based on match ratings) 1pt

Case's 4th Goal Bonus Special
4. LFC player with the 4th goal 4pt
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