Liverpool vs Bournemouth

Next up for Liverpool (the hardest team to beat in the League) is Bournemouth. I have used the same picture of their mascot "cherry bear" that I used last time the teams met. On close examination I cannot tell if he/she/it is making a rude gesture or learning to count and is stuck on one. Either way if the mascot is anything to go by we might be outfought on the pitch but we are unlikely to be out thought on the football pitch.
I hope I don't see the Bournemouth players behaving like the Lester and West 'am players every time they cleared the ball from their penalty area by celebrating like they'd actually won something  . They were high fiving,  hugging  and licking each others ears (ok I might have imagined that bit - just be thankful Jay is not writing this).  At the end of the match they celebrated their draws like they were significant victories en-route to winning the title - I expect their fans were delighted by the rear guard actions which showed the extent of their ambitions (these grapes I am eating could be sweeter).  I can though, console myself with the thought that there is undoubtedly an extra special place in hell reserved just for them.

I think the team will be Alisson; TAA; Matip; VVD; Robbo; Hendo; Gini; Milner; Mane; Firmino; Salah. Though I not be too worried if Shaq and/or Fab started in midfield.

PL Bonus Don’t forget to get your game result in on the official prediction league website.
1. First LFC goal scorer 1pt
2. LFC player with the highest passing accuracy (min. 60 Minutes) 1 pt
3. BBC’s player of the game 1pt
4. Case’s super-duper 4-0 win special Bonus question BQ. The LFC player that scores the 4th LFC goal (4pts) <—- that’s right it’s worth 4 points!!!
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