Liverpool v Bournemouth, a title deciding game?

There are many knowns in life but when our injured players will return and how the rest of our and City's seasons will progress after this weekend are unknowns. Still, like most fans we are all extreme experts in football analysis and can therefore make some educated guesses.

Some known knowns:

This weekend we play at home against Bournemouth who are currently tenth in the Premier League, and Manchester City take on fourth place Chelsea, also at home.

Home for us is Anfield - the best home ground in the world.

Home for City is the Etihad Stadium - the worst home ground in the world.

City have eight first choice teams and flip a coin each week to decide which one to use.

We have one first team and currently four elevenths of it are injured.

Some known unknowns:

Jordan Henderson may be able to play. Trent Alexander-Arnold may be able to play.

Assuming a worst case scenario where neither of them are able to though, this is the team I feel we should field and please share your thoughts on your own preferred line-ups. (


I did have Shaqiri picked but swapped him out for Keita in the same position after seeing the following video clip which I think makes a good case for his inclusion. His performance against West Ham in the second half in particular saw him really step his game up with lots of good intelligent forward passing, which I hold my hands up to not noticing on the night.

So on paper at least, even with our injuries, we should be beating The Cherries; and City should be having a much tougher time of it against Chelsea. Will that turn out to be the case though?

I am going to be optimistic and predict we will beat Bournemouth by four goals to nil, and I'm not just saying that - I believe if Jurgen heeds my advice regards who he fields and in what formation then we can dish out a shellacking. The City game I really have no idea but of course hope they get their pants pulled down and receive a jolly good spanking.

What do you guys think though and not only for the two games in question but how will each possible outcome effect the rest of our season?

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