Jurgen Klopp: The master of morale

The numerous budding ‘bromances’ at LFC has been a source of humour for media and fans alike this season but humour aside, it displays a vitally important feature of our charge at the title. Morale.

As a former soldier, I know only too well the importance of morale in any team or group of people working together for a common goal. Officers in the British Army are trained to spot when morale is low amongst the men, as it really is imperative you retain morale, if you hope to achieve your aims and be truly effective as a unit but it starts from the top, from your leaders. Then you require the right blend of men and characters to implement the plan together but if you get that mix just right, you would be amazed at what you can achieve.


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Step forward Jurgen Klopp. Jurgen has that rarest of skills of managing to be both friendly and approachable but also authoritative when he has to be. He has a charisma about him that makes you want to go for a beer with him but most importantly, he has proved his methods work with results on the pitch. Unlike other top coaches however, he’s clearly created a brilliant atmosphere for the team. He has shown he is willing to be tactically flexible to get the best out of them, instead of deploying the ‘my way or the highway’ tactic we see so often at other clubs.

Klopp’s hugs are legendary and you can see the players love playing for him. You never hear grumblings coming out of the camp and the team always look happy and relaxed together and it’s full credit to the manager for creating that atmosphere, while still producing one of the hardest working teams in world football. You can see by his pitch side displays however, that he’s quite capable of giving them a roasting when they’re not up to scratch. The manager can only lead so much however and that is where you need the right characters in the dressing room.

The players


When Hendo took the captaincy from Gerrard, fans bemoaned the lack of obvious leaders in the team. Now, we’re brimming with them.

In Van Dijk and Robbo, we have two national captains who lead excellently on the pitch, both vocally and by example. Alisson has also brought a new air of authority to our back line.

In midfield we have Hendo and Milner, two stalwarts of the English game, who’s attitudes and work ethics have been features of their careers.

Up front we have Salah, who carries the weight of a nation but thrives on it, hungry to break records but like all the aforementioned, is reported to be a thoroughly humble and decent chap, which brings me to my next point.

The vetting of players personalities has long been a part of the game when signing players but our team does seem to be full of really decent lads. Our front three all signed new contracts on the same terms, suggesting there’s no over riding ego there and I couldn’t tell you the last bit of negative press that came out of our camp. If you can get the right blend of characters, all genuinely working for each other, then you can achieve great things.

The fans

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There are few sets of fans so emotionally connected to their club as Liverpool fans and so we can be guilty of getting too down when things aren’t going well and anxious when they are. The fans need to treat every home game as if it’s a cup final from now on, to intimidate the opposition and give our team that extra lift we’ve seen Anfield provide so many times. If we can keep the momentum and team morale going until the end of the season, I think this team and this manger, might just do it.
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