We're NOT gonna win the league?

Afternoon all, sorry for my recent hiatus. Many thanks for people's kind words on site and via email.

I have been struggling with the cruelness which last year brought and the concept of starting a new one without our sweet Lady but know that is the same for us all. Also I am certain Bev is in a better place and, watching on, will want us to do our best to keep supporting our beloved Reds as well as each other. She will be pleased as well to have seen some faces of old return to our once more thriving community. That has been really heartening.

Bev probably won't be pleased with me expressing the following notions for this article haha but with our recent dip in form and rather tepid display against Brighton, I think they're fair game for discussion...

So the thing is this: nearly 60 points from just 22 games, pretty blooming good right, but are we really going to be able to beat City to the title?


We have just had our first and so far only losing blip of the season and then returned to winning ways with a very important victory over Brighton but for my money it was far from convincing and I will repeat that if we keep trying to win games by a single goal, we will at some point come unstuck and lose points as a result. City on the other hand are beating teams nine and seven nil.

Okay I may have thrown that last bit in there unfairly as those games were against footballing minnows but nevertheless, City's losses this season seemed uncharacteristic and generally they annihilate whoever is in front of them and always look convincing in doing so. On the flip side, many of our wins have been teetering affairs where we've hung on to the slenderest of leads and where things like a dodgy call from a ref or lucky goal-bound ricochet for the oppo could easily have cost us.

Currently we are edging City in points and also in goal difference but the GD trend is not heading in a good direction for us with it now shrinking to just a one goal advantage. Tonight's game for City against Wolves is massive but should it be. Are we in a season where really we are not the best team and so are having to hope that the team which is best drops points? Ultimately, if we win the league then we will have been the best team but is everyone confident in that happening. I still have some doubts and until players such as Salah and Mane start performing more consistently well, I think there is a good chance that City will regain the lead and go on to take the title.

To finish on a positive note though, the fact we are doing as well as we are is simply amazing and in terms of progress, probably well in advance of what could have been reasonably expected. Let's hope we soon get back to more solid displays and get a bit of luck with injuries, as this is surely something which has hampered us in recent weeks and we simply do not have the oil ridiculous riches to have bought ourselves four starting elevens, and that will of course make it all the more satisfying, when we win the dog damn league ;-)

God bless Sweetpea x
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