The Coutinho conundrum

This has been discussed on a couple of threads now, so I thought I’d write an article about it so we can discuss it properly. With reports coming out of Spain that Barcelona are somewhat disappointed with Coutinho and the player struggling to get in the team, should the opportunity arise to bring Coutinho back to Liverpool, should we take it? I say yes.

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If we’d signed Fekir, I’d probably have said no, as there wouldn’t really be space for him but given the fact that deal went south, I think we could absolutely do with Coutinho back. With Ox missing this season and Keita failing to make an impact yet, at times this season, our midfield has been horribly ponderous and utterly bereft of technique. Step forward Phillipe Coutinho.

Tactically versatile, Coutinho can play number 8 or LW in last season’s 4-3-3 system and could play 10 or LW in the favoured 4-2-3-1 we’ve adopted this season. He has that killer pass in him from midfield that we’ve badly lacked at times this season and is a genuine threat when shooting from outside the box, another thing we’ve lacked this season. Plus his lethal free kicks.

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I’m not buying into this ‘we’re better without him’ either. No doubt we improved as a team after Coutinho left but it wasn’t BECAUSE Coutinho left. We improved as a team due to the signing of Van Dijk and the emergence of Robbo and Ox. Can anyone truthfully say our squad wouldn’t be better if Coutinho was in it? 

I’m a big fan of Ox and he offers a different kind of attacking threat from midfield, with direct running, pace and power but we lack that finesse that Coutinho brings and I think there’s more than enough room in our squad to accommodate all our current players, plus Coutinho. You can never have too many brilliant players and Coutinho is a brilliant footballer who hasn’t even fulfilled his full potential yet in my opinion.

His detractors will point to him leaving mid-season and that ‘injury’. Whether or not he was really injured, I guess we’ll never know but to be fair to Coutinho, he never sulked when denied his move in the summer and you’d have never known from his performances that he wanted to leave the club, as he put in some of his finest displays in a Liverpool shirt in the first part of the season, before departing in January.

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Of course I was hurt by his departure, as we all were but I really don’t blame a kid from Brazil for wanting to go and play for Barca. He’ll have grown up watching Ronaldinho and company, tearing teams to shreds and will have dreamed of being there one day so I don’t hold it against him for wanting to fulfil a lifelong dream. If I was a footballer, playing for Brighton say and then Liverpool came calling, I’d do whatever I needed to do to make that move happen, as I’ve dreamed of playing at Anfield all my life. No different to Coutinho. Suarez also caused way more dramas, including pushing for a move to ARSENAL of all teams, yet everyone would welcome him back with open arms, which smacks of double standards to me.

Anyway, it’s all conjecture and there’s nothing to suggest Barca are looking to sell, or that we’re looking to buy him but if the opportunity should arise, I think we’d be foolish not to bring the little magician home. 
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