Player ratings: Wolves 2-1 Liverpool

After some games, doing the player ratings is a pleasure. After other games, not so much and last nights display definitely comes under the latter. Anyway, without further ado...

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Mignolet (6) - Steady enough display from Mignolet but I thought he could have done much better for Neves goal. Caught flat footed for me. Would have loved it if he’d scored at the end though.

Camacho (6) - Showed some nice touches and a few good forward runs but positionally, he was all over the place. Showed a lot of promise though and with some more coaching with the first team, looks like he could develop into a really good player. Brave in possession and in the tackle for a youngster making his debut.

Lovren (N/A) - Injured after two minutes.

Fabinho (7) - I thought he did alright at CB to be fair. Made a few good tackles and I don’t recall him making too many mistakes. Looks capable of filling in at CB should he be required to do so again, which at the moment, it looks likely he will given our current injury crisis in that position.

Moreno (4) - Defensive liability as usual. Found himself in some good positions going forward but final ball was woeful. Doubt Robbo will be too worried about his place.

Milner (4) - At fault for Wolves first goal as he tried a ridiculous Cruyff turn back towards his own goal. A rare bad decision from Milner and he struggled all night, however I think we all know he’s not a holding midfielder and he was seriously hampered by the lack of movement in front of him.

Keita (4) - Practically anonymous. Unfortunately it was more of the same from Keita. A couple of nice dribbles but other than that did absolutely nothing. I’m starting to worry about how long it’s taking Naby to settle in. I don’t doubt the players quality but it’s starting to look like it might be next season before we start to see the best of him.

Shaqiri (5) - One sumptuous free kick that he was desperately unlucky to see come back off the inside of the post but aside from that, he offered very little in a game he should have been trying to make his mark in. Only looked to be playing at about 60% intensity for me.

Jones (5) - I felt a bit sorry for Curtis in the first half as he was inexplicably ignored by his team mates on a number of occasions when he was in a good position and the one time he did get on the ball, he made dribbled last a couple of players and looked dangerous. Faded into anonymity as the game wore on however. Looks a very good technical player though, definitely one to keep an eye on.

Sturridge (3) - You could be forgiven for forgetting Sturridge was even playing as he barely got a touch all night. Movement and attacking threat from him were non-existent. If Klopp was swithering over whether to offer him a new deal or not, that performance probably made his mind up.

Origi (6) - Scored a good goal from nothing and unlike Sturridge, at least he was trying. Put in a good shift in what was a difficult game for a forward. Doesn’t use his size and strength well enough though when shielding the ball. He’s an absolute unit these days but is fairly easy to dispossess which shouldn’t be the case with his size and physique.

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Hoever (7) - Not physically ready to be playing men’s football at CB but you can see what a good player he is. Showed some nice touches and played some really nice passes. Far too easy to out muscle at the moment though but that is to be expected from a 16 year old kid. A brilliant run at the end showed his class. A bit of time for him to fill out physically, while learning from the master (Van Dijk) and he looks like he could develop into a top player.

Firmino (6) - The game changed when Bobby and Salah came on and Wolves found themselves on the back foot towards the end of the game. Buzzed about their defence busily and tried to create but it was too little, too late for this game.

Salah (6) - As with Bobby, helped to sway the momentum of the game in our favour. Looked dangerous and tried to threaten but it was a difficult game to make a huge impact in 20 minutes.

Klopp-watch (6) - I suppose how you score Jurgen here depends on how much you value the FA cup. Personally, I think he had to rotate and totally understood his team selection although the system seemed a bit strange, particularly with the fullbacks who were literally all over the place from a positional point of view, although that may have been more down to the personnel than the system. My only real criticism of Jurgen last night was risking Bobby and Salah at all.

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I said before the game, I couldn’t give a monkey’s about the FA cup this season. There has been times in the past, when we’ve known it was unlikely we’d even finish top four in the league, that I would have valued them more in terms of trying to win a trophy. This season though, it’s an unwanted distraction. As a club, we need a Premier League title and all other competitions, including the Champions League, should play second fiddle to the league in my opinion and to be fair, watching the players last night, it didn’t look like they valued the FA cup too much. It was however, a chance for a couple of fringe players and players perhaps hoping to earn themselves a new contract, to show what they were all about and for the most part they abjectly failed

I don’t think I can ever remember such a non-reaction to a Liverpool defeat from the fan base however, with most happy enough to be out the FA and I must admit I fall into that category. For me, the less games we’ve got between now and the end of the season, the better.

Anyway, after back to back defeats, its back to the important stuff as we take on Brighton in the League and it’s vital that we bounce back from last week’s defeat to City with three points on Saturday. Having given our first team a much needed rest however, I fully expect us to deliver a victory on Saturday at which point, last night’s game will be all but forgotten. If it isn’t already. Now let’s go win that title. YNWA
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