Player ratings: Liverpool 1-1 Leicester

Article by Ilija.

League leaders didn't win so it means we were not good enough. But knowing we dropped points against bottom 14 for the first time, that we collected more points than anyone, that we still have the best defense in the league, that we didn't lose and almost always won at home for 73 years... Well, it ain't too shabby. No nines and tens today though unfortunately but here you are:

Alisson (6) - When that header went towards our area he has to know none of our players will get to it first. Doesn't matter, are their opposition players near - he has to go for it. On the other hand, he had a few decent saves and good passes but even that was on a level below what he can do. Good to see him still not being fazed by making a mistake as his best moves came after the mistakes.

Robertson (6.5) - The best LB in the world did not show why he is that last night. The free kick is not on him. It is 10 seconds until the clock runs out, don't attack, keep the ball. We attacked, lost the ball and a defender made a foul. I have no issues with that. Robbo actually won quite a few defensive battles yesterday, but we are used to more on the other side of the pitch. Having Trent opposite of him would help as they have a very good understanding.

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Henderson (5 and 8) - He did play a similar position a few times years ago, but this is an unfamiliar position for him, and under Klopp a very difficult one to play in. In the first half he was superb attacking wise, in the second quite good. That cross with a first touch when everyone on the pitch thought he'll need a touch or two before he can pass and not cross was superb - 4 centimetres away from being an assist and we won a corner. But then he's spinning around his axis while their attackers are alone in our box. Was good to see Van Dijk finding him with long balls and Matip running to cover for him every time they attacked. Not a stellar performance, but underlines the team spirit we have and how everyone is pulling in the same direction; willing to sacrifice for the common goal.

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Matip (7) - Love it when he drives forward, and not only because he looks like Bambi on ice. Had a difficult time covering for Hendo and struggling with the pitch but did quite well. A few mistakes, but he's no Van Dijk.

Van Dijk (7) - I want to say N/A, because defensively he didn't have too much to do, what he did have he did well, yet we conceded and had multiple chances against us. So 5. But he had quite a few good passes forward and some aerial duels were good. So 8. Don't know, a weird one. But love how the opposition has to decide whether (!!!) to cover for Matip's burst ins or VVD's long balls - always an option more in the attack.

Wijnaldum (8) - Did Hendo's job almost perfectly. If you count first 46 minutes our game was perfect, mostly down to his boring work. He was sublime in the second stealing some balls and even bursting forward but from his position, you can't expect too much in the attack. That changed when Fabinho came in to play DM from LB position (nice move Klopp), but Gini needed Salah to pass 3-4 balls like he's a professional footballer in order to make an impact himself.

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Saqiry (5) - Please bench him, it works much better. I understand why the game was passing him and Keita by with us having that early lead, but you'd expect flashes from them, one every 10 minutes. Just get past one player and pass it to a free team-mate 2-4 times in one half. He didn't do it once. Impact player, and a good one. Don't start him.

Keita (6) - Same as the above, but then he woke up in the second. Had 3 good runs, one was a pen that brings us 2 points. Atkinson took it away from him, and then Klopp didn't allow him to build on the second half performance.

Mane (8) - He was very good, very, very good. Scored on time and throughout the game looked like a threat. And was the freshest one on the pitch. Missed two headers, but what can you do. Man of the match.

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Firmino (8) - I watched him in the first and how our entire shape changes seamlessly as he glides from the box to LB and then through CM back to box. A thing of beauty. We keep the possession for a minute because he ran 450 meters and everyone else on the pitch has 320 on average. Had we had someone to do that at 45:55, we wouldn't have conceded. His assist was magic. The thing with his performances is you always need someone to chip in, if Mane doesn't score then no assist. If we don't attack purposefully after he made our possession 30 seconds longer then it's useless. What a player.

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Salah (4.5) - Awful passes. Simple ones at that. The ones that were supposed to be assists or creating a dangerous attack: even worse. He shot once in the first where a pass would've been so much better. Dribbling non-existent. But the thing is, he's still one of the best players in the world, and could've easily brought us the victory with one moment of brilliance. And even if it didn't happen, you know that it will, sooner rather than later.

Fabinho (7) - Did really well, tried some good deep passes but nothing came out of those. Defensively not too much noticed but our shape was better when he came on and they created less when he did.

Lallana (5) - Did nothing.

Sturridge (3) - Did nothing.

Klopp (7) - Because he played Saquiry and should've gone with Fabinho. Though maybe Fab was not ready for it. But Keita off was a mistake. And double change at the hour mark is not something I like. You do 60, 70, 80 - build up the pressure on the opposition. The double shock can work, but if it doesn't within the first 5 to 7 minutes it fades away. 

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Summary: We're gonna win the bloody league.
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