Manchester City vs Liverpool

This is the big one but not as big as it might have been. Even if the worst were to happen and we lost we will still be ahead of  our main rivals for the title (City) and should we draw or even win then we would then have a clear lead and be very well placed. That said, as Klopp has indicated, the title will almost certainly not be decided until the very end of the season and it is still too early to rule out Spurs or even Chelsea.


I was surprised to hear that Pep had said Liverpool were the best team in Europe possibly the World (or even the Universe?). That was a very strange comment to make for someone as intelligent as him and someone who is normally very careful and considered in what he says. I think it might be an attempt at mind games but just comes across as silly. STOP PRESS: Klopp has now said in his pre-match press conference that Manchester City are the best team in the World...….

I don't think anyone can even truly say which team is the best in England and the same could be said for Spain and Germany perhaps even Italy as well. Put them all together and I don't believe there is any team that could clearly be said to be the best in Europe. What is true though is both City and Liverpool would be part of any discussion about the best team in Europe and that is an amazing transformation in our fortunes under Klopp. Whatever happens in this one game, we have a team able to compete with the best and yet a team that is still under development hopefully with a lot more yet to come.

This is a far cry even from the home match against City earlier in the season in which City had the better of the game. Afterwards Pep said Liverpool still had to visit their ground and his look suggested that was really meant as a threat. He may well still be confident in his own team's abilities but I very much doubt he is relishing the game quite as much as he was then.

I have also been thinking about the things the clubs have in common and on hearing fireworks going off to celebrate the New Year and (after checking my bathroom) I thought of good old Mario Balotelli.   That then made me think of the judgement Klopp has shown not just in terms of the players he has brought in or even those he kept but perhaps more significantly those he let go. Players like Balotelli, Adam, Allen, Sakho, and Benteke. We are now looking at bringing to the club a very different class of player these days.

Another thing we have in common is a very similar taste in mascots……


Nuff said I think.

Firmino is fit to play again after giving birth earlier this week. I expect Klopp to play a tighter team against City but then I said that about the Arsenal game and he then went with Shaq in the starting line-up. I wonder if he will go for it again ;-) My expected team is Alisson,TAA, Lovren, VVD, Robbo, Gini, Hendo, Milner, Mane, Bobby, Salah. Though I would be happy if Shaq was picked instead of Hendo or Milner.

Bonus Questions:

1. First LFC goal scorer for 1pt
2. First assist by an LFC player for 1pt
3. Bieb’s MOTM for 1pt
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