Liverpool player of the month - January


Well this period of course incorporated the post Christmas 'thank dog the festive season has finished' celebrations, so naturally I was inebriated for most of it and can't remember much about our games other than to confirm some definitely took place and that we won most of them.

With that in mind, I'm going to get straight to the point and narrow things down to a three horse race between Virgil Van Dijk, Andy bloomin Robertson and Mohamed chuffin Salah.

There are others worthy of honourable mentions such as Henderson, Fabinho and Mane but apart from possibly Simon Mignolet, who else could challenge any of the above for outright player of the month? No one right. Well if you disagree then please explain why and I will also include other players for you to vote for.

VVD, what can you say. He rocked up at Anfield as a colossus and has continued to be one ever since. Admittedly Palace managed to score a few but we can blame that on injuries and Virgil cannot be expected to keep clean sheets single handedly. Throughout last month he was imperious as always and that unwavering consistency sees him get my pick for January's player of the month.

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Robbo, more or less the exact same thing. The lad has been a revelation and as Jock often suggests, if you can think of a better left back anywhere on the planet, please name them. Pending us winning the league and Andy going on to help Scotland do well, both of which seem certain to happen, he will soon be correctly labelled a world class player. Sure, he made the odd mistake in January but his name is Robbo, not robot and like any human he's not infallible but that shouldn't detract in any way from his overall excellence.

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Salah, ah Mane, Mane, and Bobby For-minoooo, but we sold Coutinhoooo. But that don't matter at all, because this is just about Salah today. So, moving swiftly on, yes the Egyptian King is back in business; scoring hat-fulls of ricks. Has he quite reached the heady heights we know he's capable of? No. He hasn't. But when you're Mohamed chuffin Salah you don't necessarily need to be at your best to scoop the player of the month award because even at half throttle you are still rather splendiferous. More so than Virgil or Andy though? Well, let's find out.

Before voting, I thought it may be interesting to list a running tally of POTM award recipients: Virgil is leading the way with two top spots and Shaqiri comes in at second place in the POTM rankings with one top dog award. Will this influence your vote though, or will VVD further his lead...

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