League Leaders Liverpool vs Lester

Another tricky little fixture with the visit of Leicester and even though they have had an up and down season they still pose a serious threat especially away from home. Nevertheless, these are the sort of matches we need to win though as I have said before we need to win all of our matches as we cannot rely upon City dropping many points between now and the end off the season.

I was trying to remember how to spell Leicester and it struck me how odd our pronunciation of words must seem to people from other Countries (and even many people from this Country too). For example: Leicester/Lester; Queue/Q; Choir/Kwire; Magdalin/Maudlin; Manu/Shit'ole.

While I am on the subject what about the American (mis)spelling of (our) words? Words such as Defense/Defence; Favor/Favour; Maneuver/Manoeuvre; Traveler/Traveller or even the way they  insist upon just using completely the wrong word Trunk/Boot; Hood/Bonnet; sidewalk/pavement;
Trump/Messiah; (It took a few goes before I ended up with Messiah) Then there is the way our entire forward line seems to upset them so much they refer to them as offensive. Then there are posters for whom English is not their primary language, like Ilija, whose English apart from the
occasional minor faux pas (to use an old Anglo Saxon phrase) is often as good if not better than the native speakers. All in all though it is a wonder we are able to communicate with each other at all;-)

Leicester are known as the foxes or the fossils. They were going to have a fossil as their mascot but didn't want their choice to be set in stone so instead they went for a fox and as a fox is like a dog I think they made the right choice.


Now to the team. I think it will be Alisson; TAA or Fab; VVD; Lovren; Robbo; Gini; Henderson; Shaq; Mane; Firmino; Salah. Obviously, injuries will affect the selection and we could yet end up with Matip instead of VVD.  Still it just means 3-2 instead of 3-0.

Prediction League bonus point questions:
1. First Goal scorer (either team) 1pt
2. Time of the first goal (+/- 3 minutes) 1pt
3. BBC’s MOTM 1pt
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