Is Alisson the best a man can get & what lies ahead this summer?

Just a couple of thoughts I've had of late which may be semi-interesting for others to consider.

1.) Alisson, is he really the best keeper in the EPL? I have seen people say he is and think I might even have been one of them but after watching De Gea's irritatingly good performance for Utd the other day, a performance which yet again pretty much won them their match single handedly, I must admit I am not sure that we have seen Alisson reach those same heights yet.

Certainly in terms of pure shot stopping ability, I think De Gea is still best. If you throw distribution into the mix then Alisson perhaps edges that side of things. Overall best though, hmm, a tricky one.

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2.) At the risk of upsetting people, I have of late been getting a nasty feeling that we might see a few player departures this summer, ones which we'd rather not. We have talked a bit about who we would like to see come and go but not yet considered that the likes of Salah may well be nabbed by the Spanish.

I just have a gut feeling he may well do the off this summer and possibly Bobby and Mane may follow suit. Are they irreplaceable? nowhere close but still though that could be a massive dent to our progress as we'd then be trying to replace rather than improve; to try and do both at the same time would mean bringing in way more new players than is advisable and probably put us back into the dreaded transitional phase.

What do folks think though, have we improved to the point we will be able to keep hold of our best players for longer now? For sure winning the EPL would likely help, although it could just as easily see our star players feel they have done enough for the LFC cause and that it's time to move on.
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