Fantasy and Prediction League tables - Game week 22

Morning troops, hope you're all well and chomping at the bit for our next game vs Palace. Before that though we have the probably even more important matter of catching up on our prediction and fantasy games to see which players are currently sitting pretty at the top and which ones are propping up proceedings at the other end.

Before I list the latest tables though, a brief word on prizes. There aren't any! Just kidding, well currently there aren't but I still hope to charm my way to getting us some and would be thankful for any suggestions of avenues which people feel may bare, bear? bear bare fruit.

Currently, Inns and Gunn are heading the list of companies I hope may sponsor/donate a prize or three to us but the more ideas the merrier. Others I have thought of are Nivea and of course Gillette, also possibly LFC themselves. Other suggestions though would be much appreciated.

Okay good, so now I've passed that buck, here are this week's tables! Included in them are all points earned from our last six games: Wolves, Newcastle, Arsenal, City, Wolves and Brighton.


It is really good to see a few new entrants in our Prediction League and I feel that is in no small part thanks to the excellent job DaBandit is doing in running the bonus points section. He is also proving to be annoyingly good really rather good at his predictions and still sits atop the PL table. No change either in the fantasy games with Romper and Tartan still leading the way in those. Other than that, I cannot spot any massive changes but quite a few players have improved their standings so all is still to play for...

Well played all and good luck for the next round!
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