Wolves 0-4 Liverpool, will surely be the score tomorrow?

An easy peasy lemon squeezy Friday night LFC wolf shellacking looks to be on the cards but will it really be that easy?

Maybe not - we must bear in mind that Wolves currently sit 7th in the EPL table and just because Man Utd lie in 6th, that doesn't necessarily mean that all mid-ish-table teams are as bad as they and Everton are. Utd of course are on a downward spiral of doom, Wolves on the other hand have just beaten Bournemouth, Newcastle and Chelsea, and we will need to be fully on the ball so as not to give them a fourth successive win.

By way of balance to that, we're not doing too badly ourselves with an unbeaten run of seventeen games. To keep ourselves top of the table for Christmas though we really need to make this our seventh successive EPL win and in doing so also keep the pressure on City, who have a somewhat easier home tie against Palace on Saturday.

On the injury front we are still without Gomez and Matip, as we know we will be for some weeks to come and Jurgen Klopp has confirmed that Trent Alexander-Arnold will not be available either. Although it sounds like he very soon will be.

Line-up wise I think we'll keep the same back four who played against owned United and also the same front three who started that game terrorised them at the other end. Midfield though is less easy to predict. Personally I think as Wolves are a pacey attacking side who have done well against all the top teams they've played this season, we will stick with our more measured approach and start with three central midfielders, so as to more easily control the game. Once we've seen off any initial flurries from Wolves and the pace has settled, we'll then likely bring on Shaqiri to do as he did against United, which is to say, smash them off the park.

With all of that in mind, I think we may start as follows but am interested what others think and in particular whether you feel we've now found yet another new formation. I'm sticking here with a 4-3-3 but in reality I think it's become more of a 4-4-2 of late?


Score, 0-4.
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