Who is your top of the pops?  I have put the current crop of Liverpool players in order of how good I think they are and given some reasons. Obviously my list is the official correct answer but you may have different views. Remember though there is nothing to be ashamed of in being wrong it is how you will learn to be a better person in future ;-)


1. Salah - Clearly our main man and World Class even by JK's standard - no debate in my mind. I just hope he got a new pair of boots for Christmas as his current pair seem a little slippy.

2. VVD - A cut above other defenders and brings a presence and positive influence to the whole team.

3. Alisson - Really impressed with him. Again has an intimidating presence and calms the defence (usually) but his sweeping and distribution combined with positioning and shot stopping abilities are exceptional.

4. Mane - Has superb skills and puts defences on the back foot.

5. Firmino - getting criticised lately but defends high up the pitch and links the play together - could be the new Lallana

6. Henderson - This will be controversial and I have slightly overlooked his recent injuries to place him this high. I think he is vastly underrated though.

7. Gini - As for Hendo really underrated because his role is unglamorous.

8. Milner - Difficult to separate our Duracell multi purpose player from Gini and Hendo.

9. Robbo - Most will be placing him higher especially someone whose name starts with J and ends in ock . For me he is the best VFM buy and could just as easily be placed higher than the three midfielders above as it is very close.

10. TAA - Again really tight with Robbo and if you count potential he would be much higher.

11. Shaq - Do this again in a few weeks and he could easily be near the top. Oodles of potential and underused so far.

12. Gomez - Again potentially the sky is the limit but injuries could be a worry.

13. Lovren - Despite being the World's best defender he only gets 13 on my list - unlucky perhaps?

14. Fabinho - Starting to show what he can do but the competition is thankfully very high now.

15. Keita - Has loads of skill but needs to toughen up a bit. I understand why he went off against Wolves as he got battered but that will mean he will get more of the same in future and he needs to face up to it. Pleased he is not reacting badly though and getting himself sent off as he was prone to do before.

I have left out Sturridge, Lallana, Matip and Clyne as I regard them as squad players and Ox as he is a long term injury. It says something though about squad depth when they are all current or ex international players.

This is a time for goodwill to all men so if you disagree with my selections I can only say with love and kindness...….tough titty ;-) Don't forget too it's all for "charidee" and my own new year resolution will be to give more to dementia, cancer and water aid charities. Hopefully in some small way this might help to make next year better than this year for some people ;-).
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