Player ratings: Liverpool 1-0 Everton

First off, apologies troops, I had intended to do these sooner but after a day yesterday of eating copious amounts of food, drinking a vast quantity of ale and the emotional drainage that accompanies most Merseyside derbies, by the time I’d scraped myself off the ceiling in the wake of Origi’s winner, I promptly fell asleep... So, without further ado, let’s see how our boys got on.

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Alisson (9) - Our most impressive player these last two games in my opinion and he’s starting to show what £67 million gets you between the sticks. The save he made to keep out that point blank header from Andre Gomes was straight out the top drawer and the touch he got on the ball when Walcott was clean through was judged to perfection as well. It would have been so easy to concede a penalty there but instead it went out for a goal kick. It’s so good to have a top keeper back at the club after so long.

TAA (7) - I thought Trent had a really good game and showed the kind of ambition going forward that was so lacking from that position against PSG. Trent’s potential is almost limitless and he’s well on his way to becoming the complete package as a footballer. Watching him develop further should be a lot of fun.

Gomez (7) - Looked a lot more comfortable back in his favoured central role and his clearance off the line after Alisson’s wonder save, was as good as scoring a goal. Has superseded Lovren and Matip as preferred partner for VVD in my opinion.

Van Dijk (7) - That was some assist eh? Another dominant display from Virgil for the most part. I love watching forwards try and get involved in a physical battle with Van Dijk. Richarlison foolishly attempted it a couple of times yesterday, safe to say it wasn’t a battle he could win. Everton deployed the tactic of blocking Van Dijk at their set pieces yesterday and the tactic brought them some joy. It’s something we’ll have to look out for moving forward.

Robertson (7) - Is it really just my tartan tinted specs or is Robbo bloody brilliant in pretty much every game? Along with Mane, caused Everton problems down the left most of the game and isn’t it nice to see a left back that can actually defend as well? Loved the way he left a bit on Richarlison in the second half. My shrine continues to grow...

Fabinho (6) - I like Fabinho, it’s been a while since we had a genuine ball winner in our midfield and Fabinho is just that. He brings an added defensive steel to our game, really is an expert in one on one situations and I think as he settles in further, we’ll start to see more of his passing range. I’ve seen interviews with Mbappe and Bernardo Silva who both named him as someone they loved to share a pitch with due to what he brings in launching attacks, so I’m hoping to see more of that from him. Solid, if unspectacular, display yesterday.

Wijnaldum (6) - Another decent showing from Gini. Did what Gini does, shielded and rotated the ball well. However, for a player who spent a fair amount of his career as an attacking midfielder, he offers practically nothing in an attacking sense and I think we could really do with more from him in that regard.

Firmino (4.5) - What is going on with our Bobby? He had a torrid time yesterday, couldn’t complete a pass if his life had depended on it. Perhaps Bobby could do with a rest, I’ll be surprised if he starts against Burnley.

Shaqiri (6) - Should have scored when clean through but we definitely look more potent as an attacking unit with Shaq on the pitch. I kept my eye on him from a defensive point of view yesterday and he was tracking his runner and closing down when he could. Fancy him to have a big impact in the second half of the season.

Salah (6) - Steady enough display from Salah, looked dangerous at times and tried to make things happen. I think, even if he’s not quite hitting last season’s heights yet, any lingering questions about his attitude or happiness have been answered. Body language looks a lot better and I think he’ll have a strong second half of the season.

Mane (7) -Our best attacker for the second game in a row in my opinion. Caused Everton problems all day but like Shaqiri, should have scored when clean through.


Sturridge (5) - Struggled to get involved.

Keita (6) - Looked reasonably lively when he came on but needs to start some games now to try and make his mark on this team. Hopefully starting with Burnley on Wednesday.

Origi (10) - Bet nobody ever thought they’d see that score in the player ratings! I reckon he only touched the ball twice, hit the bar and scored one of the most comical winners you’re ever likely to see. Origi, take a bow son, you’ve just written yourself firmly into the Merseyside derby history books.

Klopp watch (7) - To be honest, not much to point the finger at Jurgen for yesterday. I think for the most part, we were all happy with the team selection and formation. He even made his subs in a more timely manner than usual. Must admit, I loved him running on the pitch to celebrate the goal as well. Worth taking the FA charge for.

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In summary then, not the finest display we’ve ever produced but I actually took some heart from yesterday’s performance. We looked a lot better as an attacking unit for spells of the game and I think we look much more balanced playing 4-2-3-1.

Bobby is badly struggling and needs a game or two out of the team in my opinion. I’d quite like to see Shaq in the number ten position, which would allow Bobby a rest with Sturridge, or dare I say, Origi coming in to the starting lineup?

Speaking of Origi, one thing that did catch my eye is the size of Origi these days. The lad is an absolute unit! Origi has always had all the tools to be a top striker, he’s huge, fast, strong, good technically... I’ve always felt it was the mental side of the game that held him back. He’s a bit older now though and he’s likely matured a bit. Could he make the unlikeliest of comebacks to our first team?

Perhaps that’s a step too far but if his days at LFC are indeed numbered, after that goal, we’ll always you remember you Divock. YNWA
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