Player ratings: Burnley 1-3 Liverpool

Morning all, thought I'd take a stab at the player ratings for our shellacking of Burnley. Jock was only going to be able to catch the highlights last night and I know he's currently working silly long hours, so it seems a tad unfair for him to try and do them tonight after work. Also if I do them occasionally that will serve to make us rightly all the more appreciative when Jock does them.

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Alisson: 9 Recently our keeper has been called upon to make more and more big saves in matches and last night was no exception. Alisson made five of them and also if a foul had been given as it should have been when the ball was kicked from his hands for Burnley's goal, he would have played a significant part in yet another clean sheet for us. He's proving to be a top class keeper and an excellent signing.

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Gomez: 7 Only on the pitch for twenty three minutes but looked sharp as always and was unlucky to get an injury which we of course hope is not a serious one.

Matip: 7.5 A solid game from Joel and as established above - Burnley's goal should never have been so on that basis I'm scoring our defensive players as if we'd kept a clean sheet.

Van Dijk: 9 Another exceptional game from Virgil. With 10 Clearances, 1 interception, 12 duals won and also an assist for Firmino's goal, comfortably the best of our defenders on the night and had he managed to head home a goal of his own for us he'd be getting a ten. For the fact his performance was superb from start to finish VVD gets my pick for man of the match.

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Moreno: 6 Really hoped for Moreno to have a half decent game but sadly it just didn't happen. I'm giving him a six because he was part of a defence which should technically have finished the night with a clean sheet but it was clear the plan was for Moreno to get down the wing and provide us a meaningful attacking outlet. He did get down the wing but barring one cross/shot he had himself, I don't recall it ever culminating in anything particularly meaningful. In fact Gomez probably made more of an impact in twenty three minutes than Moreno did in the whole game. Don't like to say it but I feel his days with us are numbered.

Shaqiri: 8.5 Another impressive performance from Peter. He was the only one of our attackers who really made much happen in the first half and with better from the players around him could easily have scored or got an assist or two. Carried on that good work throughout the second half and was justly rewarded with a goal.

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Keita: 8 People may quibble with me here because whilst I thought Naby was excellent in part, I don't think his good performance levels really kicked in until towards the end of the second half. Also in a game where we scored three goals, none of which were either scored or assisted by him, he's not getting higher than an eight from me. Nonetheless eight is a decently high score and Naby had a very decent game overall. Fantastic ball retention, fantastic dribbling and fantastic passing and link up play. Very promising indeed and I'm looking forward to seeing more.

Henderson: 8.5 I actually thought our captain played a higher level for more of the game than Naby did. Henderson was given the role of making a three at the back whenever our fullbacks were on the ball, thus enabling them to attack down the wings whilst we maintained good defensive stability. He stuck doggedly to that role and as mentioned numerous times - we should have had a clean sheet last night. Jordan was crucial to that and later as the game progressed he transitioned more toward attacking play and I felt he was equally good in that regard. Maybe unspectacular but a rock solid team engine throughout and a major part of why we won.

Milner: 9 Scored an absolutely vital first goal for us and not only that but the goal itself was a great one; an actual goal from open play outside of the area, a very rare occurrence lately. In fact I was starting to think it'd become extinct. These are top class football players who get paid an absolute fortune and they should be able to score a blooming goal or three from further than two yards out. So cometh the hour, cometh the man Milner, a beautifully placed shot which although technically assisted by Origi was really carved out almost entirely by itself. After that Milly went on to totally boss the game and if he'd been just a bit closer to that level of performance in the first half he'd have rivalled VVD for my motm.

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Origi: 7 Didn't do too much to be honest but I think that was largely not his fault. He was stuck out way wide on the wings for the most part and generally received the ball in very tight situations where he was closely marked. Nonetheless he still could have carved out some better opportunities for either himself or the team. On that basis he can't score very highly but that's countered by the fact he did assist Milner for his goal, so rather than the six I was going to give him, he manages to just about scrape a seven.

Sturridge: 7.5 Didn't do too much wrong but also didn't do anything superbly right. I was a little bit disappointed in Daniel last night because I felt with his undoubted quality and skill he should have been able to make more goal scoring opportunities for himself than the one shot which he had. On reflection though, bar a few sloppy passes, he did help the team overall and put in a solid ninety minute performance in which we won 1-3, so like all our players, he's done pretty well.


Alexander-Arnold: 7.5 Far better than Moreno on the other side, pipped him in pretty much every meaningful stat and did so while coming on as a sub which presumably means he perhaps wasn't as up on the game plan as Moreno should have been. TAA didn't really set the world alight but he did play his part in what should have been another clean sheet for us and what was a decent victory.

Salah: 7.5 Twenty five minutes played, three key passes, two shots on target and one assist. Pretty good really but Mo was also dispossessed three times, which is more than any other LFC player was throughout the entire game.

Firmino: 7.5 Twenty four minutes played and a similar impact to Salah, albeit he got a goal rather than an assist. Firmino didn't have as many shots on target though or make as many key passes but overall, both players contributed about the same I felt.


Jurgen Klopp: 7.5 I think Jurgen got things about right last night. We needed to rest players and okay myself and many others feel it perhaps better to start out with a stronger team and then take players off to rest them, rather than vice versa which is what ended up happening. I also think Jurgen perhaps made a change or two too many and that we did look to be struggling a little in the first half as a result. That said there are no easy games in the EPL and Burnley firmly parked their bus. Further to that the pitch conditions were pretty terrible which didn't help either.

Overall we stuck to our task, finished convincing and worthy winners and went back to Liverpool with all three points. You can't really ask for much more that that. Next time out though, if at all possible, I'd like to see us try and win four blooming nil.
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