Liverpool vs Newcastle

NUFC were formed in 1892 after East met West (Newcastle East End joined with West End) and ever since have played all their home games at St James' Park though they have played their away games at various different grounds. Their nickname is the Magpies but probably not because of all the silverware they keep winning and stashing away, more likely just because they are black and white.

They have though thought outside the box when it comes to the all important task of choosing a mascot and rather surprisingly have gone for Magpies.
These are, by some way, the best looking birds in Newcastle if a little overdressed for a traditional winter's night out in Newcastle City centre.

I wish I had never started this bloody mascot lark (yes, I know they're Magpies). After taking the mickey out of all the other mascots I am beginning to egret it a little because wren I googled  "Liverpool mascot"  this odd looking monstrosity called "Mighty Red" came up so now the Manu mascot (Little Mou) is officially no longer the funniest looking bustard in the EPL. I shall now tern the bird jokes over to you lot and yes that includes Jay


I am sure Rafa will get his customary warm welcome from the Anfield crowd and that he will respond in the traditional way by letting us have all 3 points. That is why we love him so much.

I will have another stab at the team: Alisson, TTA, Lovren, VVD, Robbo, Fab, Gini, Hendo, Mane, Salah, Firmino. Though, injuries permitting, I would expect Milner, Keita and Shaq all to play their part too.

For those looking for a special festive omen for the Premier League title I  have noticed that even Santa is wearing red this year......

Bonus prediction questions:
1. First goal scorer (either team) 1pt
2. Total number of shots on target by LFC 1pt
3. The beebs MOTM
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