Liverpool vs Arsenal

I know that some people still struggle to entirely forgive Arsenal for stealing the title in 1988/9 and even find it hard to give them due credit for their contribution to the beautiful game in the intervening years. I on the other hand am able to take a longer more considered and mature view of matters and will never ever in a million years forgive or forget the title stealing little toe rags.

I almost got divorced this Christmas (even though we are not married) when I asked my partner if I should put all the left over bits of turkey skin and carcass into the soup pot and she said "yes arse and all". Ok I misheard her and perhaps I over reacted a tad but really she should know better than to utter that name in this house.


Their manager Mr Emery (see picture below) has joined forces with Mourinho to remove all plastics from the game.. Sarri declined to join the campaign saying it was an attack on the integrity of all Chelsea fans. Solksjaer was also asked to join and looked surprised but excited to be invited to join in but said he would have to ask his Mummy first.

The new campaign under the banner headline "kick it out" got off to a flying start at the Brighton v Arsenal game with the swift removal of all the plastic water bottles.  A Brighton supporter, when asked by the local press, what he thought of the new campaign said "ouch". After the match  Gary Lineker cheekily asked Emery if he thought his side "bottled it" against Brighton and Emery replied "Oh you are awful but I like you" Gary is recovering well in Hospital.


I think Klopp will tighten things up a little from the Newcastle game and go with Alisson, TAA Lovren, VVD. Robbo. Hendo, Milner, Gini, Mane, Firmino, Salah though he might have Fab in place of Hendo. I am not sure he trusts Keita just yet to start.

Pictures are: Ena Sharples a well known "Battleaxe" from the early days of the long running British soap "Coronation Street" and Dick Emery an English "comedian" from the 70's who dressed (badly) as a woman and after an "unintended" double entendre from a hapless reporter would say,"Oh you are awful etc etc" followed by a hefty punch to the shoulder.

Bonus Questions:
1. First goal scorer (either team) for 1pt
2. Time of the first goal (+/- 3 minutes) for 1pt
3. Biebers MOTM for 1pt
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