Liverpool v Manu

There was a video posted on here the other day of a kangaroo on a football pitch. At one point a large people carrier type vehicle drives onto the pitch and enters the fray in an attempt to steer the kangaroo away. For some reason my thoughts turned immediately to Mourinho, Manchester United and Sunday's match. If ever there was time for them to "park the bus" then that time will be Sunday. In fact I think that could be the new Manu fan chant to the tune of "get in the hole" which is shouted all the time by other morons at every golf match. Though I know very little about golf even I know that the correct term is bunker not hole. My all time favourite sporting chant though is the one I can never remember all the words to, but which starts USA, USA ;-)


Anyway I digress, let's get back to Manchester United. Some of our older posters will still remember the time when they were a big club that won things and dare I say it, even played quite attractive football though you would never know it these days. Ok that was a long time ago but they should not be underestimated and remain a team with ambition. Despite everything they will still be hopeful of scraping into a Europa league place this year.

Although an interest in buses is fairly recent, their transport links go right the way back to their beginnings 1872 when they started life as Newton Heath Lancashire and Yorkshire Railways FC. Their nickname is "The Red Devils" and they have the funniest looking mascot in the EPL called little Mou.


It looks like we will be without Gomez, Matip and TAA but now we have good cover for them including of course the best Centre Back in the whole wide World. I still expect Klopp to ring the changes though and would not be surprised to see Keita, Fab and Shaq all start. I think we still have enough to beat Manu providing we play with the same level of discipline we showed against Bournemouth and Napoli and don't allow ourselves to get dragged into a dog fight.

Prediction League bonus questions:
1. First LFC Goal scorer (we don’t pick scum around here)
2. LFC player with the highest passing accuracy (Min. 60 minutes) 1pt
3. LFC player of the game as per the Beeb for 1pt
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