Liverpool news: Joe Gomez suffers broken leg from FAIR tackle

Terrible news that Joe Gomez has a broken lower left leg and the cross words between Klopp and Dyche continue.


In his post match press conference following our 1-3 win over Burnley, a game in which we were robbed of a clean sheet, Jurgen criticised Sean Dyche's team and tactics as rough house and suggested the ref should have stopped their players sliding into tackles.

Maybe this will be controversial but in my opinion there was nothing whatsoever wrong with the challenge on Joe which led to his broken leg.

The full match is available to watch here and having just watched up to the twenty three minute mark to look at Ben Mee's challenge once more, I can see nothing wrong with it. There simply is no 'sliding in from six or seven yards' which is how Jurgen described it. It's a firm but fair tackle in which the ball was very cleanly won and I'm certain that had it been a Liverpool player making that tackle we'd be perfectly happy with it - not of course the resulting injury. I also don't think the wet conditions made that specific challenge any worse or more risky than had it of been dry.

The thing to concentrate on here is the injury itself and wishing Joe as speedy a recovery as possible. He's been fantastic for us this season, finding himself an important starting eleven player as a result and it's a sickener for this to happen to him. Especially when you consider it's the fourth season in a row in which he's suffered a long term injury. The only positive I can think to put on it, is that whilst broken bones sound horrific and I'm sure the experience of one is just that, the recovery time is often a lot quicker than that of a muscular injury. In this case we are looking at around six weeks although for Joe to again feel fully comfortable on the healed leg, I fear may take a fair while longer.

In an overall sense I think both managers have fair and valid points, some of Burnley's tackles were over the top and actually Dyche even acknowledges Phil Bardsley's challenge on Moreno was "questionable" although he also believes that was the only one, where I would suggest there were others that were none too flash. I really don't think Ben Mee's was one of them though and it's unfair for history to reflect him as a 'leg breaker' via either bad intent or recklessness. Also I would say that as well as Jurgen being right that some of Burnely's tackles were bad ones, Dyche likely makes a reasonable point against Sturridge - he did go to ground with little or perhaps even no contact and that is cheating plain and simple.


All in all though, I will call the managerial spat handbags and finish by once more wishing Joe Gomez a speedy and full recovery back into the team and back to the level he was at. In the meantime it is nice that Lovren has been putting in solid performances of late which means we should be reasonably confident of continued good defensive form in Joe's absence.
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