LFC or City, who's fixture list looks brightest?

With 2019 knocking on the door, here's a quick look at Liverpool and City's next ten EPL games and who might fare best.


After mystic Meg quoted what can only be described as an eye watering amount for her services, I thought we could take a butchers at both our and City's upcoming matches to see if we can predict the future ourselves. I was going to include other teams but let's be honest this a two horse race. I also considered listing all our remaining fixtures but decided that would be getting ahead of ourselves and it seemed better to split them into two lots of ten. This being the first part in the crystal ball series.

I've not included City's game vs Palace today so as to make the comparison the same set of fixtures/time frame for both teams.


Of course this will mostly be total guess work but perhaps we can call them educated guesses and will find the comparison of some interest. Certainly there are a few facts we can pick out as follows.

  • We have five home games vs City's six - advantage them.

  • We have one top four team to play vs City's two - advantage us.

  • We face one bottom six team vs City's two - advantage them.

  • We have five top ten teams to play vs City's six - advantage us.

So what have we learnt there? Not very blooming much. On paper our and City's next ten fixtures seem pretty evenly matched and of course the crucial stand out game is the one where we play each other. That said I don't think there's any harm in having a bit of a guestimate on how things might unfold, and so here's mine.


I must say this comparison hasn't turned out to be as eye opening as I had thought it might be before I started the article. In fact even halfway through I was still clinging on to the hope some kind of amazing pattern, facts or revelations would be revealed but as it turns out we will probably win most all of our games as will City and when you are conservative with your LFC predictions, as I have been above, it makes the likely difference even smaller. Oh well, at least we have a fresh new thread and if you fancy listing your thoughts and predictions on how we will fare over the above period, please do!
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